AWS Elemental Classroom Training

Video Technology Training Classes for Customers, Including System Operators and Administrators

AWS Elemental Classroom Training


“The best, most thorough technical training program I have ever had.” - US direct broadcast satellite service provider

With more than 1,000 customers trained and counting, AWS Elemental video technology training has won a reputation for providing meaningful content, hands-on video experiences, and practical instruction designed for real-world applications.

Designed for existing customers using AWS Elemental appliance products, each class is limited to a maximum of 10 people. Instructors focus on making sure you can successfully demonstrate the ability to use AWS Elemental products.

More reasons to register for video technology training:

  1. Receive actionable knowledge designed to help you and your team be more productive in a shorter amount of time.
  2. Build the competence and skill sets needed to more quickly create and maintain your complex video workflows.
  3. Know how to optimize your products to maximize technological efficiency and meet your business objectives.
  4. Maintain your video expertise with a detailed workbook containing step-by-step instructions from your particular class.
  5. From learning how to create efficient video workflows to being able to stream video to your own smartphone, you receive comprehensive video training from experts with years of industry experience.

Available Services

AWS Elemental video technology training offers two levels of concentrated classes for customers with on-premises product at any stage of product experience:

  • Foundations Video Technology Training: Explores the fundamental functionality of an individual solution, with a focus on key operational aspects and capabilities.
  • Advanced Video Technology Training: Provides an in-depth education on the most frequently used features, protocols, and applications of an individual solution. Each session provides hands-on practicum, common use case reviews, and workflow discussions. More than 75% of advanced courses consist of interactive labs.

The AWS Elemental Video Technology Training catalog contains all trainings offered, plus detailed overviews, objectives, audience, and format information for each individual course. Please contact us or your sales account manager to receive your copy, or to inquire about upcoming video technology training locations and dates.