Pay TV Lite

Over the last decade, telecommunication companies, or telcos, have taken advantage of advances in IP networking and video compression to launch new subscriber services bundling video with voice and high-speed Internet access (HSIA). These deployments have turned telcos into television broadcasters in their own right, and put them in more direct competition with traditional pay TV operators such as cable and satellite companies.

This white paper explores how telcos can take advantage of existing IPTV infrastructure to create a Pay TV Lite service offering that gives subscribers a compelling channel lineup and expands the telco's ability to reach new markets in a competitive landscape.

In a world where cord-cutting is on the rise, telcos are embracing new strategies to take ownership of a subscriber’s entire communications and media services package.

Download now and learn about the Pay TV Lite model, including:
  • An overview of a typical telco IPTV deployment
  • The technical challenges posed by IPTV
  • Pay TV Lite - a new service model for telcos
  • A detailed look at a specific Pay TV Lite use case

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