Live 4K Ultra HD TV

2014 will be remembered as the year 4K Ultra HD TV turned from concept to reality. With the HEVC codec enabling 4K content delivery at reasonable bitrates and the availability of affordable television sets, pay TV operators and OTT service providers will soon launch new 4K TV services as early trials for the marketplace.

This white paper focuses on the use of HEVC for broadcasting and streaming of live 4K content, the expected trajectory of adoption by various content providers, deployment to target markets and how AWS Elemental solutions support live 4K content delivery.

The availability of affordable 4K television sets and the implementation of the HEVC codec paves the way for 4K Ultra HD TV services.

Download now and learn about 4K Ultra HD TV, including:
  • Technical challenges posed by 4K content
  • Required components for a 4K workflow
  • Early 4K HEVC trials and demonstrations
  • A detailed look at specific 4K use cases

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