CDNs Demystified: A Streaming Technology Primer

The definition of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is evolving as these providers expand the range of services they deliver and video suppliers they serve. This brief describes the fundamental capabilities and practices of a CDN as they relate to video processing functions, such as those provided by AWS Elemental. Gain a working knowledge of how a CDN operates, become familiar with terminology common to CDNs, and learn about the interactions that take place between the components that make up a CDN video delivery system.

Delivery of streaming video, both live and on demand, is an important, but complex, science.

Download now and learn about the structure of CDNs, including:
  • Basic CDN video functions
  • Protocols and connections
  • CDN content onramp strategies
  • The physical topology of a CDN
  • The elements of a CDN

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