Store and Originate Live and On-Demand Video in the Cloud

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Wednesday November 29, 2017

See how dependable storage performance for media origination, improved media content visibility, and native security for media assets simplifies your operations and reduces cost. Watch the webcast and demo.

AWS Elemental MediaStore provides the high performance and immediate consistency required for content origination for live and on-demand media, combined with the security and durability of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

Consider the Problem:

Video providers that lack high-performance media storage and dependable origin services to deliver video content to connected devices deal with numerous challenges:

  • Live content origination requires storage that can deliver immediate read-after-write and read-after-update consistency to always return the most up-to-date version of a stored media asset
  • Without high-performance writes and reads, content may not be retrievable when a device requests it, resulting in buffering or playback failures and a poor experience for viewing audiences
  • Best practices for optimizing performance from object-oriented storage are at odds with file naming conventions for streaming video content – a problem when a two-hour movie has tens of thousands of objects related to one piece of content

Understand the Solution:

Storage performance is critical for successful video origination. Here’s what AWS Elemental MediaStore does for you:

  • Provides a cost-effective simple origin for live and on-demand media distribution optimized for both fast, low-latency writes, and performance for high volumes of requests
  • Enables a hierarchical view of media content, simplifying content visibility, allowing media assets to be viewed as a collection of objects and groups of collections and enabling integration with third-party systems
  • Delivers consistent quality-of-service to end users when processing requests at high volumes and frequencies, lowering the risk of buffering video and reducing end-to-end latency
  • Offers native security protection for media assets with access controls that are easily managed through AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies and roles

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