Secure and Reliable Video Origination and Packaging in the Cloud

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Wednesday November 29, 2017

See how easy it can be to mitigate your content distribution challenges. Watch the webcast and demo.

AWS Elemental MediaPackage solves the problems that large and small video service providers face – delivering content at scale regardless of audience size or number of channels.

Consider the Problem:

Many video services continue to maintain substantial in-house deployments of origin servers ready to handle extreme peaks in demand. But over the long term this set up is increasingly unsustainable:

  • Integrating components such as video processing, content storage, personalization, and content delivery systems requires complex and expensive customizations and inflexible workflows
  • On-premises systems are managed by complicated monitoring solutions that often depend on an operations team to manually respond to failures
  • Originating and packaging video for an increasingly complex device ecosystem can require costly investment in compute resources

Understand the Solution:

Reduce workflow complexity, increase origin resiliency, and protect multiscreen content without the risk of under or over-provisioning infrastructure – at the scale you need when you need it. Here’s what AWS Elemental MediaPackage does for you:

  • Efficient video delivery to a broad range of devices and just-in-time packaging for HLS, DASH and MSS outputs
  • Rich content protection features using the SPEKE open API enables easy integration with current and future DRM providers
  • Advanced OTT and broadcast-grade features support multiple captions standards, 72 hour archive for live-to-VOD, and start-over and catch-up filters
  • Streaming compatibility and integration with third-party systems including CDNs, DRMs, QC platforms, content management systems, and player and playback devices

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