Reliable, Flexible Contribution and Distribution for High-Quality Live Video

Originally Aired

Tuesday November 27, 2018


MediaConnectToday, broadcasters and content owners rely on satellite or fiber networks to transmit high-value content into the cloud or to partners for distribution. Both satellite and fiber approaches are expensive, require long lead times to set up, and lack the flexibility to adapt to changing distribution and channel count requirements.

Solving the complex and costly challenges of live video transport requires a new solution which can do the following:

  • Reliably transport video
  • Securely share live video
  • Easily manage high-value live broadcasts
  • Provide low-cost content transmission and a flexible pricing model

In this webcast and demo, you’ll learn about AWS Elemental MediaConnect, which helps providers operating 24x7 channels and streaming live events to cost-effectively send their high-value live content into the cloud, or securely transmit it to partners for distribution.

If you’re researching ways to reduce the cost, time, and obstacles associated with live video transport, watch the webcast.

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