Personalize and Monetize Multiscreen Video Content in the Cloud

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Wednesday November 29, 2017


See how you can turn your OTT streams into steady suppliers of profit. Watch the webcast and demo.

AWS Elemental MediaTailor delivers personalized ad content at scale in a seamless over-the-top (OTT) TV experience to concurrent viewers across a range of multiscreen devices.

Consider the Problem:

Online advertising can best be monetized if it’s personalized, and for content owners, broadcasters, and online video platforms (OVPs) streaming premium video content, the call to act is imperative:

  • 1.6 billion people watch video on connected devices today – a number projected to grow by 55% per year
  • Targeted ads engage your customers with relevant content and generate more revenue for you
  • To capitalize on this opportunity you need a reliable and scalable way to insert targeted ads into video content

Understand the Solution:

Implement server-side ad insertion in the cloud to maintain consistent and high-quality video service. Here’s what AWS Elemental MediaTailor does for you:

  • Serves video with targeted ads to end users while maintaining broadcast quality-of-service at scale for live multiscreen video applications
  • Matches the quality and format of ads to that of the primary video content with managed and on-the-fly transcoding
  • Improves the accuracy of ad tracking for multiscreen viewing by implementing standards-based, client-side reporting that avoids errors common with delivery-based tracking
  • Unifies device-agnostic ad stitching and client-based reporting in a single solution that simplifies the ability to personalize ad serving for different users and devices and helps circumvent ad blockers

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