Live Streaming for Independent Video Operators

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Live Streaming for Independent Video Operators

Originally Aired

January 26, 2017

Multichannel, linear pay TV operators play in an exceedingly competitive market, with high subscriber acquisition costs, high churn rates and narrow margins, especially as costs for content rights escalate. Independent telcos, cable companies and internet service providers (ISPs) need new, cost-effective ways to introduce streaming video services to keep pace with rapidly changing consumer behavior.

Multichannel pay TV providers and ISPs have an unprecedented opportunity to reposition themselves in this marketplace. Join experts from AWS Elemental, DirectLink, and MobiTV to learn how independent telcos, cable operators, and ISPs can launch live streaming TV services – either as a stand-alone offering or as a means to expand linear TV capabilities – to grow subscriber bases and ultimately generate new revenue. 

In this webcast, you will:

  • Learn how the video landscape is rapidly changing for independent video operators
  • Discover how to quickly, easily and cost-effectively offer live streaming video services
  • Understand different approaches to implementing these video services



Brandon Zupancic, Global Business Development and Partner Strategy, AWS Elemental
Derrick Mottern, Vice President of Network Operations, DirectLink
Kerry Travilla, Vice President of Technical Sales, MobiTV

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