How to Build VOD Workflows for OTT Services on AWS

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How to Build VOD Workflows for OTT Services on AWS

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Tuesday September 25, 2018

What are the best practices to get broadcast TV quality and reliability from your OTT video services? How do you scale for audience demand and evolve to keep up with changing technology?

This webcast provides prescriptive guidance for building video-on-demand workflows in the AWS Cloud, which provisions the services needed for a scalable, distributed architecture that ingests, stores, processes, and delivers video content. Highlights include:

  • Learn how to create file-based video on-demand workflow quickly and easily using AWS services
  • Get broadcast-quality video and a well-architected, scalable, and highly available solution
  • Best ways to customize, enhance, and continually improve your offerings
  • Video-on-demand use cases: Media workloads that traditional and new media companies are already building in the cloud


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Chris Kuthan

Chris Kuthan

Business Development Lead – Media Industry Solutions, AWS


Christopher Kuthan is the global Business Development Lead for Media Industry Solutions. He is responsible for the design and go-to-market of industry specific solutions in areas such as machine learning that help customers apply AWS services to their media use cases with ease. Prior to AWS, Chris spent over 15 years in senior engineering, product, marketing and general management roles across start-up and enterprise environments in the media, telecom and manufacturing industries. Chris has an MBA from the Helsinki University of Economics, Finland, and a MSEE from the Technical University of Vienna, Austria.

Shawn Przybilla

Shawn Przybilla

Media & Entertainment Solutions Architect, AWS


Shawn Przybilla, Media & Entertainment Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, has spent the last decade building media supply chain and over-the-top video delivery systems for content providers around the world. Through his work, content destined for both mainstream television and independent theaters is streamed live and on-demand to any connected device. He daydreams of using artificial intelligence and extended reality technologies to propel mankind into the future of storytelling.