Encode Live Video in the Cloud for Broadcast TV and Multiscreen Devices

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Wednesday November 29, 2017

See the difference cloud-based live streaming with advanced broadcast features, simplified provisioning, and channel management can make for you. Watch the webcast and demo.

AWS Elemental MediaLive lets you build linear broadcast workflows or deliver event-based live streams from the cloud with full control over encoding parameters, and with support for standard video players and multiple CDNs.

Consider the Problem:

Companies want to provide live event and 24x7 channels to their customers on any platform. But live video encoding introduces numerous challenges:

  • Live encoding must produce exactly one second of video every second, without fail, so that viewers see an uninterrupted content stream in real time
  • Reliability is a key concern for broadcast media providers that bear the expense of outsourced operations or redundant data centers and encoding to avoid downtime
  • The few cloud-based live video processing services that are available have primarily targeted user-generated content, and lack the capabilities required to provide viewers an experience that exceeds traditional TV

Understand the Solution:

Deploy live channels easily and in minutes, with resources scaling based on load and number of channels. Here’s what AWS Elemental MediaLive does for you:

  • No need to calculate the number and type of instances for live encoding, or to anticipate resource requirements. Stand up channels quickly and configure as desired in the cloud
  • Higher reliability for live encoding workloads than is feasible in on-premises deployments, and at a lower total cost of ownership
  • The benefits of scale, reliability, and agility that come with cloud computing with support for a broad range of codecs, resolutions, and features for high-quality video
  • Maintain control over your workflow solution with highly customizable encoding parameters and support for multiple inputs and outputs

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