Marriott: Streaming Enterprise Video in the Hybrid Cloud

Case Study

Marriott: Streaming Enterprise Video in the Hybrid Cloud

Leveraging Hybrid Cloud Video for Corporate Events

Marriott International, Inc. is a global leading lodging company with more than 6,500 properties in 127 countries and territories. The company is consistently recognized as a top employer for its superior business operations which it conducts based on five core values: put people first, pursue excellence, embrace change, act with integrity and serve the world.

Each year, Marriott organizes an Awards of Excellence (AOE) ceremony honoring noteworthy employees who have made the pursuit of excellence their life’s work at Marriott. In the past, the event had been recorded for post-event use, such as creating highlight reels and internal employee viewing, but the company had no means of live streaming the event.


Marriott wanted to create a simple yet effective video delivery solution that would enable its employees around the world to watch a live stream of the event. The solution needed DVR-like ability for late joiners to rewind and watch the event from the beginning, be able to record the live stream for post-event use, while collecting data around user views. Performance was critical as the solution needed to serve a large viewership of 10,000 simultaneous viewers across abroad array of networks speeds and devices. Lastly, viewership data needed to be collecting for post-event analysis.

Rivet Logic
Crafter Software
  • Use Cases
  • Live video for corporate streamlining within an intranet and outside of corporate network
  • DVR-like functionality allowing for catchup and rewind of live video
  • Packaging for delivering to desktops, mobile devices, tablets
  • Automated Live-to-VOD conversion for playback from CMS


Solutions provider Rivet Logic worked with the Marriott team to create a website hosted on Amazon S3 to offer high durability and availability while maximizing simplicity and avoiding server configuration. The solution leverages several AWS and AWS Elemental services including:

  • Live and Live-to-VOD Encoding – AWS Elemental MediaLive enables live encoding of the production stream into Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) HLS renditions which seamlessly provides responsive support for various network bandwidths. MediaLive also simultaneously creates a Video on Demand (VOD) asset, allowing Marriott to perform post-production on the video.
  • DVR Catchup and Packaging – AWS Elemental MediaPackage provides just-in-time video packaging on the fly as well as enabling catch-up viewing or re-watching any portion of the live stream.
  • Storage and Analytics – Amazon CloudFront provides efficient delivery of both the website and video with a comprehensive international Content Distribution Network (CDN) that provides fast and reliable delivery worldwide. CloudFront’s reporting capabilities used in conjunction with Adobe Analytics captured detailed metrics to provide Marriott with valuable insights of the event’s viewership.
  • VOD Library Creation – Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) triggers an AWS Lambda (serverless computing) step function to notify the Amazon Elastic Transcoder service via Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) to create multiple renditions of the video, to support any device across any network for playback on Crafter Software’s Video Center content management solution.

“AWS Media Services and Rivet Logic made the live video stream of the Marriott Awards of Excellence a reality. The event feed was flawless and the user experience was exceptional. With AWS Elemental MediaLive and MediaPackage, I know the video will just work and scale to support the many users and devices watching globally.” John Saag Managing Director, Creative Services at Marriott International


The Awards of Excellence live stream solution made it possible for Marriott to share its much-celebrated awards ceremony experience through a live broadcast with employees across the world. The solution also offers future opportunities for Marriott, including integration with its global intranet, to more effectively leverage enterprise video to create a better employee experience throughout the organization.

Using AWS Elemental Media Services allowed Marriott to leverage the dynamic scalability benefits of a cloud-based solution, automatically scaling to support user load to maintain peak performance, while the pay-as-you-go pricing model helped keep the costs down. Lastly, Amazon CloudFront’s reporting capabilities used in conjunction with Adobe Analytics captured detailed metrics to provide Marriott with valuable insights of the event’s viewership.