Vidispine and AWS Elemental Deliver Video with a Global Cloud-Based Media Supply Chain

Vidispine and AWS Elemental Deliver Video with a Global Cloud-Based Media Supply Chain

Vidispine provides content owners with a fully managed media supply chain backbone, enabling them to adapt to changing media industry needs and business requirements quickly.

Media companies are increasingly looking to migrate video workflows to the cloud. The primary challenge with moving video operations to the cloud is that the typical customer has layer upon layer of new and legacy applications that need integration into any new solution. Many companies are also looking to start with a small investment to test a new approach and then want to be able to quickly scale any business that takes off.

These customers needs require a solution that can integrate with legacy applications, handle cloud migration, and adapt to ever-changing workflows while keeping costs under control.

Vidinet is a fully managed media asset management and supply chain platform that customers may use to build scalable and cost-effective media solutions. Vidinet allows a customer to start a fully managed Vidispine API to use as a backbone for media asset management. Through Vidinet, the customer also gets native access to highly scalable media services with no upfront costs, allowing them to quickly add new functionality to a new or existing solution.

AWS Elemental Media Services are managed cloud services that make it fast and easy to prepare, process, and deliver broadcast and multiscreen video. Vidinet features API integration with AWS Elemental MediaConvert, a file-based video transcoding service with broadcast-grade features. It allows customers to easily create video-on-demand (VOD) content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery at scale. 

Vidinet allows customers to use MediaConvert directly from the Vidispine API, with all AWS Elemental output presets accessible through the Vidispine API as native transcode presets. MediaConvert can be used for all output transcoding in the Vidispine API. Running AWS Elemental transcoding jobs through the Vidispine API also simplifies price calculations using the unique cost estimation feature in the Vidispine API.

Vidispine provides a full-stack framework for building scalable, versatile cloud-native media supply chains through the Vidinet platform and the Vidispine media asset management API. While being cloud-native, Vidispine can also provide a migration path with a hybrid solution for any customer not able to migrate their full business to the cloud.

Vidispine Live Workflow

The Vidispine API is a media asset management backbone, available as a fully managed service on the Vidinet platform. It gives developers access to advanced metadata handling, storage management, essence management, multi-site replication, editing integration, and native integration to third-party services. The API is backward-compatible to help keep existing integrations and applications working when upgrading, enabling the customer to always benefit from the latest version.

Vidinet is a platform as a service (PaaS) that enables customers to connect highly scalable media services directly to the Vidispine API, executing where the content resides. All the media services can be used natively from the Vidispine API. There are no upfront costs; everything is priced on either a daily subscription rate or paid per content minute of processing. The Vidinet dashboard gives an overview of all running services, including a billing overview and system status. Vidispine’s transparent pricing, paired with unique asset-level cost estimation, makes it easy to understand the cost in every step of the media supply chain.

The combination of the Vidispine API, the Vidinet platform, and AWS Elemental MediaConvert gives customers access to an end-to-end media application platform. Using AWS cloud services, Vidispine’s customers can utilize the global reach and high availability, enabling them to execute Vidinet services in the same regions where they store content.

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  • Challenges
  • Business requirements change faster than in-house technology
  • Existing on-premises solutions do not scale with business growth
  • Existing licensing models require capital, making it hard to understand the cost of asset processing
  • Solutions
  • Flexible and versatile API-only platform with add-on services available as they are needed
  • Cloud-native platform and media services with automatic scaling when needed
  • Pay-as-you-go model, and content-based cost estimates for all services
  • Benefits
  • Enables customers to quickly add best-of-breed services and change workflows as the business requires
  • Start small to test the business case, and scale without having to invest in infrastructure
  • No hidden costs, with complete control over costs
By integrating the Vidispine API with AWS Elemental MediaConvert through the Vidinet platform, customers get access to an end-to-end media supply chain platform with scalable, pay-as-you-go video transcoding. Nils Lefring, Head of Platform Delivery, Vidispine