Videon EdgeCaster 4K Ultra Low Latency Encoder

Achieve ultra-low latency for live streaming video

Videon EdgeCaster 4K Ultra Low Latency Encoder

Live streaming is undergoing a dramatic shift as more and more consumers turn to mobile phones, smart TVs, and other connected devices to view and interact with live video content such as sports, esports, concerts, and news.

To provide the best possible live viewing experience, content creators and video providers need to reduce latency—the time that lapses between the action and when it reaches viewers on their screen of choice—so audiences can enjoy, share, and interact with live content while keeping pace with the action.

The EdgeCaster 4K HEVC/H.264 video encoder from Videon supports ultra-low latency video streaming through direct output of HLS/DASH CMAF-formatted signals while also enabling traditional RTMP workflows along with many other common streaming formats.

Built for professionals in the prosumer, pro AV, and broadcast markets, the Videon EdgeCaster 4K is offered as an appliance with an advanced streaming feature set. Edge compute processing and full duplex encoding/decoding enable ultra-low latency for live streaming delivery to large-scale audiences using the Common Media Application Format (CMAF) standard, with support for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), H.264, Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH), and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) streaming protocols. It encodes streams at multiple bit rates and supports synchronized playback. The EdgeCaster 4K processes video at the network edge, executing tasks such as transcoding, packaging video to HLS/DASH, and generating streams across different bitrates to enable lower latency for live video processing and delivery workflows.

AWS Media Services are cloud-based services with pay-as-you-go pricing that give customers the capability to ingest, process, package, and deliver video content at scale. AWS Elemental MediaLive is a real-time video encoding service. Used as a standalone service or integrated with other AWS Media Services, AWS Elemental MediaLive lets video providers build flexible 24x7 live video workflows or create event-based live streams. AWS Elemental MediaStore is an AWS storage service optimized for media. It offers the performance and consistency required for delivering streaming media combined with the security and durability AWS offers across its services.

Interoperability with the AWS Cloud, including AWS Media Services and other AWS services, such as the Amazon CloudFront content delivery network (CDN), enables EdgeCaster 4K users to customize their streaming workflow to fit their needs.

For video providers targeting the lowest latencies for their live video workflows, EdgeCaster 4K can send multiple video streams at different bitrates directly to MediaStore, which serves as the origin for delivery to end user devices via Amazon CloudFront. In this configuration, customers can achieve end-to-end latencyof three seconds for live video, with global distribution.

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Providers with limited bandwidth who wish to take advantage of the AWS Cloud can use EdgeCaster 4K to stream an RTMP feed directly to MediaLive. While this process introduces additional latency, it allows users to transcode their stream in the cloud, allowing providers to apply additional AWS services to their live streams. This approach unlocks a range of functionalities to monetize or enhance live content, such as targeted ad insertion, live-to-video-on-demand (VOD) asset creation, or translation and transcription services.

Videon ULL Workflow 2

“The combination of the Videon EdgeCaster 4K with AWS Media Services gives video providers the ability to achieve three-second latency for their live streams while benefiting from the capabilities and global reach of the AWS Cloud,” said Todd Erdley, CEO, Videon. “At the same time, the EdgeCaster 4K and AWS offer flexibility that lets providers tailor and adapt their workflows to consistently meet their technology requirements and the demands of their customers.”

For content creators and video providers working to minimize the timeframe from camera input to viewing device for their valuable live content, the Videon EdgeCaster 4K converts raw video inputs into live streams with high performance, enabling glass-to-glass latency of three seconds for global distribution. Paired with AWS services, EdgeCaster 4K customers can engage audiences with ultra-low latency while taking advantage of AWS Media Services, Amazon CloudFront, and other AWS services to enhance live content and deliver outstanding viewing experiences.

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  • Challenges
  • Viewers expect to stream live video content across any device with high quality, without lagging behind conventional broadcast delivery
  • Unpredictable, varying network conditions and end users’ bandwidth constraints can hinder consistent low-latency video delivery
  • Solutions
  • Use of the Common Media Application Format (CMAF) allows video streams to be segmented into smaller sizes for distribution, supporting drastic reductions in end-to-end latency
  • High-performance processing at the network edge, enabled by powerful chipsets, rapidly converts raw video into multiple bit rates for streaming delivery
  • Interoperability with the AWS Cloud adds capabilities for transcoding, monetization, content enhancement, and distribution
  • Benefits
  • Viewers see live streaming video on their device of choice, without delays or buffering that can frustrate viewers and reduce the entertainment value of live events
  • Raw live video inputs can be converted into multiple bit rates for delivery to a full range of device types and connections within a single appliance positioned at the network edge
  • Support for customizable live video workflows and interoperability with AWS lets video providers design the workflow that meets their targets for end-to-end latency and offers flexible distribution options for limited bandwidth conditions