StreamShark Encoder Management

Reliable Low-touch Workflows for Live Streaming

StreamShark Encoder Management

StreamShark’s Encoder Management solution enables enterprise video teams and broadcasters to remotely configure and control AWS Elemental Live encoding to reliably live stream high-profile events.

Enterprise video teams and broadcasters are challenged with delivering more video to more platforms than ever before. Not only do they need tools capable of multiplatform delivery, they are also increasingly seeking reliable, operator-friendly workflows to enable efficient large-scale live streaming of private and public events.

StreamShark is a live streaming platform that ensures video streams are delivered to websites, intranets, and social channels such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. StreamShark is used by customers for a variety of live streaming events, from all-hands meetings, annual general meetings, product announcements and everything in between. StreamShark enables reliable delivery of live and on-demand video content, giving audiences an exceptional viewing experience across all major platforms and devices.

StreamShark’s Encoder Management solution offers a unique end-to-end workflow for remotely managing, configuring, and monitoring AWS Elemental Live video encoding.

AWS Elemental Live provides real-time video and audio encoding for both linear TV broadcast and live streaming to new media platforms. Simultaneously processing multiple video outputs, it delivers high quality and highly efficient performance to format live video for any device. It enables users to deliver content to subscribers on a global scale.

Using the AWS Elemental Live API, StreamShark’s Encoder Management solution enables real-time remote configuration of key encoder settings.

Combining AWS Elemental Live with StreamShark’s Encoder Management solution affords a number of compelling efficiencies as well as time savings on a daily basis.

The streamlined workflow provides a single, easy to use interface to control encoders and go live on StreamShark and favorite social destinations.

StreamShark Elemental Live Workflow

StreamShark can push commands directly to an encoder over the internet. If the encoder is inaccessible behind a firewall within a protected network, installation of a custom StreamShark agent on the encoder enables the encoder to poll StreamShark for commands.

Once encoders are on-boarded within StreamShark, they can be controlled within the solution. This includes being able to start and stop the contribution feeds from the encoders, as well as finely tuned control of the contribution quality. This is particularly useful in scenarios where encoders are physically mounted in event spaces or data centers, as it eliminates the need for technicians to interact directly with encoders or their web interface. The status of all encoders and any events they might be linked to can be reviewed at a glance, with rapid encoder failover possible in seconds.

“The pairing of AWS Elemental Live and StreamShark's Encoder Management capabilities creates a powerful platform for stream operators from signal acquisition to playout, and delivers massive efficiency gains for their daily workflows,” said James Broberg, CEO, StreamShark. “Our operator-friendly workflows reduce repetitive configuration steps, eliminate potential configuration errors, and allow live streaming engineers and AV staff to focus on higher value tasks during the lead up to and execution of major live events.”

StreamShark works closely with enterprises and broadcasters that use live streaming as a means to broadcast their message globally, at Internet scale. We are passionate about providing end-to-end solutions for our customers that deliver workflow efficiencies and cost savings while increasing the reliability and security of the live streaming process from source to delivery.James Broberg, CEO, StreamShark


Typical Use Case for a Fortune 500 Company

  • Challenge
  • Live streaming confidential events such as CEO townhall/all-hands meetings to employees.
  • Broadcasting public events such as product launches and developer conferences.
  • Managing AWS Elemental Live encoders across company offices and event spaces worldwide.
  • Solution
  • Deploy single sign-on (SSO) managed and protected live streaming (StreamShark portal and video player) and peer-based delivery for internal live streaming
  • Leverage StreamShark’s restreaming and live clipping workflows to simultaneously live stream to the company website and share highlights on the company’s social pages and channels.
  • On-board encoders into StreamShark and remotely configure and control them for live events.


  • Description
  • End-to-end live streaming solution with operator-friendly workflows for enterprises and broadcasters
  • Delivery expertise for events where failure is simply not an option
  • Outstanding customer service and valuable range of professional services
  • Features
  • Single workflow for managing event, social permissions, and rights (YouTube, Facebook).
  • Remote configuration and control of AWS Elemental Live encoders for StreamShark Events.
  • SSO-protected access to encoders behind corporate firewall, portal, video player, live stream manifest, and video segments
  • Benefits
  • Secure workflow for broadcasting live events to fans and followers on social media
  • Process efficiencies from signal acquisition to playout for live events
  • Unparalleled reliability, security and scale in delivery of confidential/public events

Why StreamShark Live Streaming Platform?

Reliable Infrastructure & Service

StreamShark is architected with unparalleled reliability and scalability to deliver large-scale live streams of confidential and public events. Redundancy is built into every level of the platform (eg. Dual-DNS, Multi-CDN delivery).

Securely Delivered & Access Audited

StreamShark offers a range of security measures, including Digital Rights Management, copyright management (YouTube Content ID and Facebook Rights Manager), access control levels, single sign-on and viewer management.

Efficient User Workflow

An end-to-end workflow handles all requirements from uplink to interactivity for large-scale and high-profile events. Available features include restreaming, live chat, teleprompter, live DVR, archiving & clipping workflows.

Why AWS Elemental Live?

Scalable Architecture

Deliver content to subscribers on a global scale. AWS Elemental Live video processing can be deployed on-premises or as a service using AWS Elemental Cloud.

Unified Video Processing

Collapse linear, multiscreen and live-to-VOD services into a single software-based architecture. Manage resilient encoder clusters with AWS Elemental Conductor.

Continuous Innovation

Future-proof video workflows and quickly launch new services with advanced support for 4K UHD, HDR, and HEVC video processing.