Keeping Sports Fans Engaged with OTT Video Services

Keeping Sports Fans Engaged with OTT Video Services

Accedo solutions help sports video providers optimize OTT services to keep fans engaged and drive revenue.

The sports vertical is one of the key drivers of growth in over-the-top (OTT) services and TV subscriptions globally. According to Dataxis, sports platforms represented around 25 percent of total linear OTT subscribers as of Q3 2017. With accelerating consumer demand comes a great deal of interest in this market from other players; the sports video segment has seen significant investments from new entrants acquiring rights and launching new services, putting pressure on the broadcasters and operators who hold existing rights.

At the same time, sports rights-holders are exploring different options to distribute and monetize their content. Many have launched standalone direct-to-consumer or OTT services of their own. Organizers in some sports, such as mixed martial arts, have gone digital-only, and new leagues are coming online and will only be available through OTT distribution.

All of this means there is a growing number of OTT sports providers competing for viewers. In order to keep viewers engaged, services need to be personalized, deliver high quality, and continually optimize their offerings, which can be a challenge.

Accedo provides a solution for the sports vertical to address the operational complexity of creating and evolving video-centric offerings, while enabling its customers to focus on their business strategy, including defining monetization and content strategies for their user base. Accedo’s solution includes a premium offering to cater to national associations, tier-one sports leagues and clubs, large broadcasters, and other major rights-holders looking to deliver a unique experience to viewers. Accedo also offers an entry-level solution optimized to meet the needs of smaller sports providers, such as teams, leagues, associations, and other smaller rights-holders.

Both options enable delivery of live content, in the form of live event streaming, linear channels, video-on-demand (VOD), and catch-up content, with a number of features to increase fan engagement, including the option for in-app purchasing. Both offerings incorporate data-driven design and A/B testing, allowing providers to optimize their services based on viewer usage and preferences. This type of customization and personalization improves the customer experience while driving revenue with targeted advertising and content recommendations.

Providers can choose from a variety of supported business models, including advertising video on demand (AVOD), subscription video on demand (SVOD) and pay-per-view (PPV).      

Accedo Workflow

The Accedo sports solution works with AWS Media Services. These managed cloud services from AWS make it fast and easy to prepare, process, and deliver sports video for multiple platforms and at scale. The solution includes API integration with AWS Elemental MediaConvert, AWS Elemental MediaLive, AWS Elemental MediaPackage, and AWS Elemental MediaTailor.

AWS Elemental MediaConvert transcodes VOD content, MediaLive encodes live video content, MediaPackage prepares and protects video for delivery over the internet, and MediaTailor supplies dynamic ad insertion. 

Digital Rights Management (DRM) and geo-blocking functionality make it easy for sports providers to ensure content is secure and only viewed in the countries and territories for which they hold the rights to deliver that content. At the same time, localization makes it possible to tailor video to the territory in which it is being delivered.

Premium users can take advantage of additional features, such as augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.      

The Accedo sports solution can be delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) or as a managed service, depending on customer needs. The managed service includes first- and second-line support, monitoring, and issue resolution. Accedo also offers consulting services to assist with building a business case, conducting market research, defining the product, developing the user experience and design strategy, developing a monetization strategy, and information architecture design.

Accedo’s experience delivering high-quality multi-platform video services to global audiences paired with AWS Media Services provides a cost-efficient yet powerful offering. The result is a toolset that lets sports video service providers optimize their direct-to-consumer and OTT businesses by making the most efficient and effective use of their content, marketing, and technology investments. 

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  • Challenges
  • Deliver a high-quality, reliable, performant sports video service
  • Drive revenues through OTT services
  • Sustain user growth and engagement
  • Solutions
  • Premium UX across platforms, fully managed service, service level agreements, global support
  • Support for multiple business models with available business intelligence
  • Data-driven approach to customer acquisition, managing subscriber churn, increasing user engagement
  • Benefits
  • Increased fan engagement and personalized viewing experiences
  • Flexible, intelligent monetization strategy
  • Use data to target subscribers at risk of churn with marketing and content


“With the integration of AWS Elemental Media Services, our customers are able to evolve and optimize their services quickly and cost-effectively, keeping their fan base and their revenues growing.” Luke Gaydon, VP Strategy and Solutions, Accedo


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