InsysPLAY and InsysGO OTT Video Platforms

As media enterprises unveil new or enhanced OTT video services, they must manage more content for delivery to more viewing devices than ever before – all while differentiating their offerings from increasing competition.

API integration of InsysPLAY and InsysGO with AWS Elemental Media Services and on-premises AWS Elemental solutions enables OTT service providers to efficiently organize and transform their live channels and content libraries through an operator-friendly interface, and deliver them to viewers as rich, branded experiences across a broad array of devices.

AWS Elemental Media Services are cloud-based services with pay-as-you-go pricing which provide customers the capability to ingest, process, package, and deliver video content at scale. AWS Elemental MediaLive is a broadcast-grade live video processing service. It lets customers create high-quality video streams for delivery to broadcast televisions and connected devices. AWS Elemental MediaPackage works with MediaLive to reliably prepare and protect video for delivery over the Internet. AWS Elemental MediaConvert is a file-based video transcoding service that allows customers to easily create video-on-demand (VOD) content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery.

InsysPLAY is a comprehensive and fully customizable OTT platform that allows media enterprises to easily manage, monetize, distribute, and promote video content through unique, full-featured websites and apps. In addition to feature-rich, tailored, front-end user experiences for presenting media to viewers, InsysPLAY provides operators with a robust back-end system for content management, administration, and analytics. InsysGO offers the core functionality of InsysPLAY in a modular, white-label solution that enables customers who require fewer customization options to quickly launch new OTT services in as little as 30 days.

InsysPLAY and InsysGO offer a choice of cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid deployment models. Insys platforms can be deployed on-premises or on AWS, and offer API integration with cloud-based AWS Elemental Media Services and on-premises AWS Elemental solutions. Insys deployments can also be migrated from on-premises systems to the cloud at any time, supporting customers’ evolving technical and financial models.

Cloud-based live video workflows using InsysPLAY and InsysGO leverage real-time encoding using AWS Elemental MediaLive and just-in-time packaging, origination, and encryption using AWS Elemental MediaPackage to securely process and deliver linear channels and event-based content.

InsysPLAY cloud workflow

On-premises live workflows provide similar functionality by combining InsysPLAY or InsysGO with AWS Elemental Live systems and the AWS Elemental Delta video delivery platform. The integrated solution also supports live-to-VOD processing and time-shifted TV functionality, letting operators offer advanced viewing features such as catch-up TV, nPVR, pause/resume across devices, intelligent content recommendations, and restarting programs in progress.

InsysPLAY on-premises workflow

File-based InsysPLAY and InsysGO video workflows incorporate transcoding using AWS Elemental MediaConvert in the cloud or AWS Elemental Server systems on premises to convert content libraries and create on-demand assets for delivery under multiple monetization models, including transactional VOD (tVOD), subscription VOD (sVOD), and ad-supported VOD (aVOD).

Leveraging over a decade of experience in user experience (UX) design for the optimal presentation and discovery of media content, Insys solutions enable service providers to deliver this content within rich, distinctive viewer experiences with features including branded players, electronic program guides, search, and recommendations.

API integration with Amazon Rekognition Video, a deep learning-based video analysis service, enables optional, automated identification of celebrities and viewer-sensitive content in catch-up TV programming. Viewers can find clips featuring a particular celebrity or jump to the point within a show where that person appears, while nudity and violence can be flagged and blurred.

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  • Challenges
  • Quickly launch competitively differentiated OTT video services
  • Process and manage expanding volumes of content with fast turnaround
  • Adapt quickly to shifting device preferences and viewing habits
  • Solutions
  • Flexible, modular platform for managing, monetizing, and distributing content
  • Efficient, high-quality processing of live and on-demand video for OTT delivery
  • Customizable, feature-rich user experiences for presenting content to viewers
  • Benefits
  • Proven, customizable platform reduces time-to-market and implementation risk
  • Elastic scalability seamlessly supports subscriber, content, and target device growth
  • Extensible foundation lets customers easily incorporate new features and business models
API integration with AWS Elemental Media Services complements our rich viewer-facing interfaces and comprehensive content management functionality with elastically scalable video processing and packaging. Krzysztof Bartkowski, CEO, Insys Video Technologies