Flexible and Complete Monetization Solution

InPlayer enables an easy and flexible monetization solution for any type of online content, managing all aspects of the process including authentication, entitlement and payment.

Audiences are consuming more video content than ever across many different device types. As the global OTT market is booming, video content owners require a way to monetize their live and on-demand content on any device, anywhere in the world. New flexible monetization models now include a mix of advertising, subscription, and pay-per-view for live and video on-demand (VOD) content. This variety provides content owners multiple ways to monetize content, but it also makes the process of monetization more complex, time consuming and costly. Service providers are challenged to introduce flexible ways to access content while keeping their premium offerings secure. 

Customers can now monetize online content more quickly and easily than ever before with the InPlayer monetization and subscriber management platform. The InPlayer platform provides a simplified, scalable, and flexible way for content owners to protect and monetize their premium content using live pay-per-view (PPV) and subscription VOD pricing options. It also enables customers to offer free trials and voucher codes to boost sales.

With the option to fully customize the user experience, InPlayer Landing Page can be easily incorporated into the client’s page branding, providing seamless payment experience for the end-user anywhere in the world. Geo-based and URL-based controls mean providers can restrict payment options based on the country or domain. They can also choose to offer different pricing for different countries.

InPlayer Smart provides real-time insight into audience behavior, revenue generation, and subscriber demographics, allowing content publishers to use these data points to further refine their online video strategy. This, together with 24/7 customer support, flexible pricing, and voucher options helps clients build a loyal audience and increase revenue.      

The InPlayer Plug and Play Paywall features API integration with AWS Elemental MediaConvert, a file-based video transcoding service with broadcast-grade features. MediaConvert allows customers to easily create VOD content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery at scale. 

Seamless integration between the InPlayer paywall platform and AWS Elemental MediaConvert means that any video transcoded by MediaConvert can be easily monetized behind a secure paywall with a choice of pay-per view and subscription options. The InPlayer paywall also features API integration with Amazon CloudFront to enable secure delivery of videos with low latency, high transfer speeds.

InPlayer Workflow

Content owners can also distribute and monetize content through third party publishers, partners, and affiliates using InPlayer Syndication while retaining full control of their content. Content owners have in-depth visibility to all subscriptions and payments. 

Being able to monetize content is only part of the solution. Content owners need detailed subscriber data to measure and track subscriber acquisition, retention, demographics, and revenue trends. InPlayer Data helps content owners identify which pieces of content are performing well so they can adapt their content strategy to minimize subscriber churn and grow revenue.

InPlayer helps customers of all types monetize and distribute their content. Whether a sports team, league or federation; a live events production company; a faith-based organization; or anything in between, InPlayer delivers flexible solutions to help customers monetize and distribute live events and on-demand content any time and nearly anywhere in the world. Content owners can monetize their content videos behind a secure paywall via pay-per-view and subscription, and deliver compelling media experiences without the complexity of building their own video processing and monetizing infrastructure, all with the reliability, ease of use, scalability, flexibility, and security of the AWS cloud.

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  • Challenges
  • Protecting and monetizing premium video content
  • Collating data and performing real-time analytics to improve engagement
  • Scaling monetization of video services
  • Solutions
  • Simple and Flexible Paywall product to enable monetization behind a secure paywall via pay-per-view and subscription
  • Real-time insight into audience behavior, revenue generation, and subscriber demographics
  • Bespoke customer support with pre-defined use-cases and all-time availability
  • Benefits
  • Content owners can monetize their content and deliver compelling media experiences without the complexity of building their own video processing and monetizing infrastructure
  • Customers can easily view how many users have signed up, how much revenue is generated and which packages are proving most popular amongst their audience
  • Clients and partners will be given the global reach to support large scale audiences with the cost efficiencies
“Our collaboration with AWS allows us to provide a simplified workflow for the monetization of live and on-demand video offerings to our customers worldwide. Our clients and partners will be given the global reach to support large scale audiences with the cost efficiencies expected with SaaS platforms today.” George Meek, CEO, InPlayer


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