ABI Research: Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Media and Entertainment

It is time for M&E companies to take a different look at AI, particularly the subset of AI called Machine Learning (ML). By leveraging the advancement in cloud computing and ML, M&E companies no longer need to be restricted to developing proprietary technologies on in-house infrastructure that are difficult to scale and expensive to maintain. They can focus on their competitive advantages and what they are best at, namely building, marketing, and distributing media content.

This report will discuss the opportunities for machine learning and how it can address different challenges within the M&E Space. It will also highlight different use cases that create new business opportunities for M&E companies and their key business attributes. Topics include:

  • Automated Media Metadata Tagging
  • Advertisement Personalization
  • Content Recommendation and Personalization
  • Automated Compliance Marking
  • Detection of New Consumption Patterns
  • Viewership Forecasting and Prediction
  • Closed Captioning, Automated Content Creation
  • Delivery Optimization and Balancing
  • Encoding Optimization
  • Data Deduplication

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