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Reduce Operating Costs

Reduce Operating Costs

The Economy of Scale: Defense + Offense for Video Budgets

Extravagant: Padding video production budgets for the additional, but essential, content delivery workflows needed for distribution to TV and connected devices. Efficient: Pay TV operators, content programmers and broadcasters reducing operating expenses by deploying software-based video processing to deliver linear broadcast TV and multiscreen video offerings from a common infrastructure.

You have a choice and AWS Elemental has modern solutions designed with the operational, technological and financial concerns on the collective mind of every video production company.

Choose to reduce the expense and effort required to bring your customers the live and on-demand videos they want to watch, on their devices of choice, and you gain measurable efficiencies.

You also lose something: Worrying about the costs of maintaining workflows you don’t need.

WWE:36M+ viewers and 150+ countries declare live streaming and VOD efficiency the pay-per-view winner

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214K+ viewers & 100s of channels in live 4K? Can do and BT did

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