AWS Elemental Delta

AWS Elemental Delta is a video delivery platform designed to optimize the monetization, management and distribution of multiscreen video across internal and external IP networks. Through just-in-time (JIT) video packaging and intelligent caching, the platform enables a complete solution for time-shifted TV and real-time content delivery with customization and control, including network bandwidth optimization, profile manipulation and ad insertion. Delta may be deployed on-premises or as a service using AWS Elemental Cloud.


Create and Deliver Non-linear TV Services

Delight consumers with the highest quality user experience. Seamlessly transition between start-over and catch-up TV, nPVR, delayed TV, pause TV, and VOD asset creation from linear feeds through on-the-fly re-segmentation, manifest manipulation and manifest modification.

Optimize Content Delivery

Reduce storage and bandwidth costs by enhancing content delivery. Device and content-specific rules allow video to be optimized for bitrate, resolution, audio format, captions and number of channels, providing the best user experience with the lowest distribution costs.

Monetize Premium Content

Ad insertion, ad removal and ad replacement capabilities enable targeted advertising for both live and VOD content. Combine embedded encryption and decryption capabilities with just-in-time DRM wrapping. DRM can be applied upon real-time delivery.

AWS Elemental Presents: MSNBC Shift Customer Snapshot

AWS Elemental Delta supports video delivery for Shift by MSNBC, making on-demand video assets immediately available after conclusion of a live stream. Jennifer Leung, Director of Product Development at MSNBC, describes how AWS Elemental software supports and benefits the 24 x 7 live Shift channel.


Multiple Output Formats

Create multiple resolution and bitrate outputs for devices on request, including MPEG-DASH, Microsoft Smooth Streamiing, MPEG-TS files for legacy players as well as set-top boxes using HLS. Maximize workflow efficiency by transforming content between delivery formats.

Real-time Content Decisions

Make content blackout, content replacement and quality of service decisions, based on content-specific rules or on a case-by-case basis. On-the-fly decision making allows for full control of network bandwidth usage.

Targeted Ad Replacement

Customize on request the same live, near-live or VOD content for targeted advertising based on specific rules including a viewer’s geographical location or playback device.

Simplified Monetization Workflow

Deliver a seamless TV experience equivalent to traditional television viewing. Use multiple ad insertion methodologies such as comment-based HLS or Adobe Primetime with support for multiple ingest and delivery formats such as HDS, HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and transport streams.

Digital Rights Management

Employ just-in-time DRM support including HLS (traditional AES-128 or Fairplay), PlayReady (HLS, Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH), or Adobe Access (HDS and HLS). SLAs are securely maintained. Content storage, quality checks and asset delivery are simplified. AWS Elemental Delta also supports Common Encryption for MPEG-DASH.

Reduced Management Overhead

Use REST / XML APIs, SNMP or the intuitive web-based interface for tasks such as system setup, workflow integration, job processing, scheduling and prioritization. 

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Universal Input Support

AWS Elemental Delta transforms any video input into to any output. Ingested streams, whether pre-packaged in MPEG-TS, Microsoft Smoothing Streaming, HLS or MPEG-DASH formats, are re-packaged on-the-fly and into any other adaptive streaming format.

Highly Extensible

Highly flexible and scalable software-based architecture transforms video delivery into new revenue streams via turnkey, cloud-based and virtualized deployment models. Integration with ecosystem partners includes ad insertion, DRM, storage, middleware, streaming protocol and CDN solutions.

Improved Delivery Workflow

AWS Elemental Delta simplifies the multiscreen workflow, using a single repository for all content. Just-in-time packaging addresses any type of content request, from any device.