Elemental Technologies Launches a Media Converter

The BadaboomTM Media Converter Makes Formatting Video for Portable Devices Fast and Easy

Elemental Technologies Launches a Media Converter That Harnesses the Power of GPUs with NVIDIA CUDA Technology

Portland, Ore. — October 23, 2008 Badaboom! It's done. Elemental Technologies Inc., the leading provider of massively parallel processing (MPP) solutions, announced today the launch of the BadaboomTM Media Converter, a dynamic new platform for formatting video files for portable media players.

Until now, most solutions have processed video using software that runs on a PC's central processing unit (CPU). By contrast, the BadaboomTM Media Converter is powered by the RapiHDTM Video Platform, Elemental's core technology takes advantage of the computational power of NVIDIA GeForce graphics processing units (GPUs) with CUDA technology.

This enables video files to be converted from one format to another at ultra-high speeds and stunning quality, all while freeing up the CPU to continue with email, web browsing and other tasks.

"The burgeoning number of video formats and players has left consumers with a need for a simple, easy-to-use conversion that can handle multiple formats for multiple devices," said Sam Blackman, CEO of Elemental Technologies. "Our RapiHDTM technology makes use of the massively parallel processing power of the GPU to transcode video files to hit a quality, speed, and system efficiency sweet spot. Badaboom makes any PC with any NVIDIA GeForce 8 series or later GPU a video transcoding powerhouse that is still usable for general purpose computing while formatting video for your favorite device."

Priced at $29.99, the Badaboom Media Converter features a sleek, point-and-click interface that makes formatting video for devices such as an Apple iPod, Sony PlayStation Portable, or Xbox 360 simple and intuitive.

Most video converters available to consumers use the CPU, where each video frame is broken into parts and processed serially. Powered by the RapiHDTM Video Platform, Badaboom taps the up to 240 stream processors in current NVIDIA GPUs to render entire frames at once, dramatically reducing encoding time and efficiently using the PC's entire system resources.

"With Badaboom, Elemental Technologies has harnessed the power of the NVIDIA processor for video transcoding with amazing speed and quality," said Michael Steele, NVIDIA general manager. "Anyone who wants to watch video on multiple devices and doesn't want to wait all night for the CPU to complete the conversion needs this tool. It's the ultimate platform for anytime, anywhere access to your video."

For more information, download a free trial version of the Badaboom Media Converter or to purchase a copy of Badaboom, please visit http://www.badaboomit.com.

About Elemental Technologies

Elemental Technologies, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is the leading provider of massively parallel processing (MPP) solutions, initially targeting video applications. Using general purpose, programmable "off the shelf" graphics processing units (GPUs), the RapiHDTM Video Platform is ideally suited for a variety of video applications ranging from consumer media processing to professional video editing to Internet video processing. Elemental's first product, the Badaboom Media Converter, is a faster-than-real-time, high-definition video conversion application that will enable users to play any video on any device, anywhere in the world. www.elementaltechnologies.com.

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