Elemental Announces Support for Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming

Elemental Announces Support for Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming

Faster than real-time encoding with ElementalTM Server optimizes IIS Smooth Streaming of high-quality video content to Microsoft Silverlight-based media players

Portland, Ore. — November 17, 2009 — Elemental Technologies, the leading provider of massively parallel video processing solutions, today announced ElementalTM Server’s support for Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Smooth Streaming, an adaptive video streaming solution for Microsoft Silverlight-based media players. Elemental Server is the world’s first GPU-accelerated transcoding appliance that performs faster than real time, simultaneous encoding of multiple video files in a single system. With unprecedented transcoding throughput, Elemental Server is ideally suited for producing video content designed for delivery via an adaptive bitrate architecture. Support for IIS Smooth Streaming via Elemental Server will debut in Elemental’s booth 525 at Streaming Media West in San Jose, Calif., November 17-19.

Support for IIS Smooth Streaming further extends the performance and cost advantage Elemental Server brings to the online, on demand video model. IIS Smooth Streaming optimizes playback of video on demand (VOD) by seamlessly switching video quality in real time, delivering an uninterrupted viewing experience to the consumer, regardless of local bandwidth conditions.

“Support for IIS Smooth Streaming with Elemental Server is a natural fit,” said Andy Beach, VP of marketing at Elemental Technologies. “The processing power available within Elemental Server enables concurrent encoding of the multiple files that content providers and delivery networks need to support a high-quality end user experience with Silverlight.”

“Microsoft is committed to delivering the richest, high-definition video experiences on the Web with Silverlight,” said Steve Sklepowich, director for Silverlight at Microsoft Corp. “Elemental Server’s support for IIS Smooth Streaming will bring fast, cost-effective encoding speed to the enterprise, which will enable a seamless viewing experience to Silverlight-based media players.”

Massively parallel GPU processing power coupled with Elemental’s advanced video codecs allow for high-speed creation of H.264 or VC-1 video content across a wide range of resolutions and bitrates. As a single appliance solution, Elemental Server integrates easily into existing workflows, simplifying the requirements for creating adaptive bitrate assets and streamlining the overall content production process.

Elemental Server’s video processing and distribution capabilities include:

  • Simultaneous conversion of up to ten HD 720p or 32 mobile device-ready video files in faster than real time.
  • Simultaneous conversion of up to four HD 1080p or 24 standard definition video files in real time.
  • Simultaneous conversion of all files needed for two smooth streaming events in faster than real time, including 720p.

Elemental Server is the first product available in a family of GPU-accelerated solutions currently in development. In addition to the on demand content delivery available today, support for live IIS Smooth Streaming, as well as Microsoft Silverlight DRM powered by PlayReady, is planned for future products. Elemental Server is available now directly from Elemental. Learn more about Elemental Server at www.elementaltechnologies.com/server.

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Elemental Technologies is the leading provider of massively parallel processing solutions for video applications. Using off-the-shelf, programmable graphics processing units (GPUs) for compute-intensive video processing and conversion tasks, Elemental’s products are ideally suited for a variety of video applications including consumer media processing, professional video editing and Internet video processing. Founded in 2006, Elemental is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. To learn more about Elemental, visit www.elementaltechnologies.com.

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