Newsletter: Q2 2018

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Amazon Web Services

Understanding QVBR: Three Ways to Learn More


What is quality-defined variable bitrate (QVBR) control? QVBR is designed to deliver constant video quality and waste zero bits in the process, helping you eliminate guesswork, save costs, and provide consistent viewing experiences. Explore how QVBR from AWS Elemental works, its advantages, and its use cases in this blog post, on this application page, and during this on-demand webcast.

AWS Media Blog

Introducing the AWS Media Blog


The AWS Media Blog is an educational and informational resource that looks at complex media workloads, relevant product and service updates, customer case studies, and more. Learn from subject matter experts how to configure various encoders to connect to AWS Media Services in a five-part blog series. The first four posts are available now:

AWS Elemental MediaConvert Explained

AWS Elemental MediaConvert Explained


Curious about how AWS Elemental MediaConvert can help transcode file-based content into on-demand video assets? Watch an animated explainer video to gain a better understanding.

AWS Elemental Live Video Delivery from the Cloud White Paper

Technical Insights


AWS Elemental white papers explain how leading-edge video technologies help you deliver premium viewing experiences.

  • Dynamic Ad Insertion: Using the cloud to increase monetization of video at scale with server-side ad insertion.
  • Live Video Delivery: Learn about the advantages of live video delivery from the cloud and how video operators can capitalize.

New Customer Stories on the AWS Elemental Blog