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2019 Archive
2019-11-19 - Advanced Television reports that Network 10, one of Australia's largest TV networks, has selected AWS Media Services to support its video transport structure for remote production of one of its hit reality TV shows in South Africa, as well as to enhance the streaming delivery for live-streamed sports and Network 10 shows.
2019-10-24 - TV Technology reports NASA and AWS produced a cloud-based streaming alternative to long-haul satellite distribution of video originating on the International Space Station, delivering an interview with astronauts aboard the ISS during SMPTE 2019.
2019-10-24 - Geek Wire reports that at SMPTE, AWS and NASA demonstrated how cloud-based video processing can distribute live streams from space, with a shout-out from astronauts Christina Koch, Jessica Meir and Andrew Morgan aboard the International Space Station.
2019-10-11 - CSI Magazine reports that France TV used AWS Elemental MediaTailor to power dynamic ad insertion for its France TV Sport app and will continue to work with AWS for new ad insertion experiences and projects in the upcoming months.
2019-10-10 - TVB Europe reports that France TV has announced its use of AWS Elemental MediaTailor to provide targeted ad delivery for France TV's OTT coverage of Roland Garros (The French Open) and Tour de France.
2019-08-30 - Sports Video Group reports that Pac-12 Networks will be deploying their at-home production model on numerous football games and on-the-road show "The Pregame" throughout the year, relying on AWS for storage, video encoding, and advanced analytics services to support key workflows for their broadcasts.
2019-06-10 - Sports Video Group reports that NASCAR is moving 75 years of digitized content into the cloud with AWS, making its archive more secure and easier to use with ML and AI-based automation tools.
2019-06-04 - Fierce Video reports that NASCAR will use AWS Media Services to process, package and store broadcast video content for NASCAR Drive, alongside using Amazon Rekognition and Amazon SageMaker for machine learning and artificial intelligence-based automation to launch its new video series, This Moment in NASCAR History.
2019-06-04 - AP News reports that NASCAR has chosen AWS as its preferred cloud provider for cloud-based artificial intelligence and machine learning, leveraging AWS services to enhance its full range of media assets including websites, mobile applications, and social properties for its 80 million fans worldwide.
2019-04-19 - Rapid TV News reports that at NAB Show 2019, the 4K 4Charity Fun Run Series surpassed one million dollars in cumulative gross donations, supporting local and international nonprofits working toward increased diversity and inclusion in education and the technology industry.
2019-04-10 - NAB Show Daily News reports that AWS' keynote panel at NAB "Beyond the Field: How Sports Pioneers are Powering the 360 Audience Experience in the Cloud" discussed how the cloud is being used to enable a modern workflow that allows organizations to provide modern experiences for fans, with panelists from CBS Sports Digital, L.A. Clippers, Hulu, and Pac-12 Networks.
2019-04-09 - Streaming Media reports that AWS launched Accelerated Transcoding as a new feature in AWS Elemental MediaConvert, promising results up to 25 times faster.
2019-04-08 - Broadcasting & Cable reports that NexPlayer and Videon announced support for synchronization of OTT video arrival times for all end users, featuring interoperability between AWS Elemental MediaStore and Amazon CloudFront.
2019-04-07 - MESA Alliance reports on AWS' offerings at NAB Show 2019, including experts on several panels, a two-day series of hands-on labs and workshops, and in-booth demonstrations of new offerings and upgrades.
2019-04-05 - Computer World reports on how Kayo Sports leveraged AWS to "build a total new green field OTT platform from ground up," entirely in the cloud.
2019-03-28 - TVB Europe reports that AWS has launched SPEKE, an open, extensible API specification developed to streamline integration of Digital Rights Management with encoders, transcoders and origin servers.
2019-03-28 - Sports Video Group reports that AWS announced the Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE), an open, extensible API specification designed for both live and on-demand media workflows.
2019-03-27 - Fierce Video reports that AWS Elemental introduced SPEKE, a new open API spec standardizing encryption key exchanges between DRM platforms and encryptors.
2019-03-22 - TV Technology reports that AWS has released a Live Streaming with Automated Multi-Language Subtitling solution for automatically generating multi-language subtitles for live streaming in real time, using AWS Elemental MediaLive, AWS Lambda, Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translate to convert audio to text.
2019-03-13 - Fierce Video reports that Gogo is using AWS Elemental solutions to transcode 24 live TV channels across five airlines on more than 2,500 commercial aircrafts, and transitioning their full infrastructure to Amazon Web Services.


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