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2012-12-11 - DTS has announced that several content solution providers, including Elemental Technologies, now support DTS Express surround sound for creation of content in the UltraViolet Common File Format.
2012-12-04 - In an interview with Jamie Beach from IP&TV News, Elemental's VP of marketing Keith Wymbs talks about the necessity of ramping up video processing capabilities, the ongoing shift to software-based video compression solutions, and what lies ahead for the multiscreen video market.
2012-12-04 - Jim Barthold from FierceIPTV reports that the growing demand for multiscreen content delivery among multiplatform video programming distributors (MVPDs) has been very good for Elemental, which has seen its customer base double to 250 media franchises across nearly 40 countries in 2012.
2012-12-03 - Eric Siemers of the Portland Business Journal reports on the growth of Elemental's customer base to 250 media companies in 40 countries, including several international players such as the BBC and Japanese English-language broadcaster NHK.
2012-12-03 - Julian Clover of Broadband TV News reports that Elemental's revenue base more than doubled in 2012 as the company grew its services to reach 250 customers.
2012-11-13 - Elemental, the leading supplier of video solutions for multiscreen content delivery, today announced the appointment of Isilon founder Sujal Patel to its board of directors, positioning itself for further growth in 2013 and beyond.
2012-11-13 - John Cook of GeekWire reports that Isilon co-founder Sujal Patel has joined the board of directors of Elemental Technologies. A previous angel investor in the company, Patel said he’s excited to lend a hand to Elemental, which helps companies deliver video across multiple screens.
2012-11-07 - Digital TV Europe spoke with Keith Wymbs, vice president of marketing at Elemental, about some of the challenges facing broadcasters in the OTT space – and some of the solutions available.
2012-10-31 - Brian Santo of CED reports that Elemental has integrated its Elemental Live system with YouTube Live, the video site’s feature that enables the streaming of live events. The integration makes it easier for professional content producers to create and synchronize YouTube Live events.
2012-10-25 - It has been a good year so far for DASH, with ratification of the standard in April 2012 by ISO/IEC followed by a rush to deploy it in products by encoding, content security and some device player vendors in time for IBC 2012.
2012-10-24 - Jonathan Tombes of Videonet reports that Elemental demonstrated video processing and packaging of content in adherence with ESAM. It had debuted those capabilities during the September 2012 CableLabs Linear and IP Ad Interoperability event, which drew additional vendors.
2012-10-20 - It’s clear the software system providers aren’t sitting still when it comes to transcoding advancements, even when it comes to gaining improvements that could impact MPEG-2 encoding for rapidly increasing volumes of on-demand content.
2012-10-15 - As the broadcast industry’s need for transcoding grows exponentially, end users struggle to keep pace and vendors face the daunting challenge of continually expanding their transcoding capacity to keep up with industry demands.
2012-10-10 - Content + Technology magazine reports that Media Prima in Malaysia has deployed Elemental Live to ramp its live multiscreen offerings to Internet and mobile users.
2012-10-09 - Asia Pacific Broadcasting reports that Media Prima in Malaysia has chosen to deploy the Elemental Live video processing system to ramp up its live multiscreen offerings to Internet and mobile device users.
2012-10-05 - Old vets join new kids on the block on Streaming Media's 2012 list of the 100 most important companies in online video. Elemental makes the cut for the second consecutive year.
2012-10-03 - Leslie Ellis of Multichannel News reports on the outlook for HEVC and notes that Elemental demonstrated the new codec at IBC in September using side-by-side 1080P streams, HEVC and H.264, both compressed to 5.2 Mbps.
2012-09-25 - Along with MPEG-DASH, next-gen HEVC compression was the big new thing at IBC 2012, injecting a little glamour into encoding. Goran Nastic of CSI spoke with Elemental CEO Sam Blackman about the challenges and complexity of encoding using this new standard.
2012-09-17 - Tim Siglin declares MPEG-DASH and HEVC the hot topics at IBC 2012. In this event wrap up, Siglin highlights Elemental's DASH implementation and its role in the interoperability showcase.
2012-09-12 - Elemental presented its video compression solution for H.265 at the IBC 2012 conference. According to Keith Wymbs, VP, Elemental's implementation of the next generation HEVC video standard reduces required bandwidth while retaining the quality of H.264, the current standard.


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