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2010-12-20 - James Careless looks at today's multiplatform broadcast environment and speaks to the growing need for automated transcoding solutions. "As distribution options proliferate, this necessity will only become more pressing—making it even more important for broadcasters to buy the right automated transcoding solution for today and the future." Elemental's CEO, Sam Blackman, weighs in.
2010-11-29 - "Elemental Technologies Inc. on Monday announced the hiring of its first chief operating officer. And they recruited him off a boat," writes Erik Siemers of Portland Business Journal about Elemental's newest executive team member, Lyman Potts.
2010-11-22 - Mitchell Hartman of Marketplace explores the role of emerging companies in creating jobs in a less than stellar economy. Listen to Mitchell's segment and interview with Elemental CEO Sam Blackman at the 22:00 mark.
2010-11-17 - Troy Dreier at Streaming Media notes that Elemental is one of the first to take advantage of Amazon's GPU cloud computing with Elemental ACT.
2010-11-15 - Greg Huang reports on Elemental's foray into the cloud using GPU clusters hosted by Amazon Web Services. Huang notes: "Elemental is going after broadcast and online video customers in its push to become the go-to supplier of technologies that help people watch high-quality video on any device, anytime."
2010-11-05 - Silicon Florist's Rick Turoczy touts Elemental's role in streaming Imogen Heap's live concert from Royal Albert Hall in London on Nov. 5, 2010. Elemental Live powered the encoding behind the 1080p Microsoft Smooth Streaming broadcast. In Rick's words, "you really have to see it to believe it."
2010-09-16 - Streaming Media's Tim Siglin and Joel Unickow co-authored an article recapping highlights from the 2010 IBC show. "As stereoscopic 3D (S3D) is beginning to grow toward maturity, the discussion of whether or not to stream live S3D on the web was partially answered by a technology demonstration," says Siglin in reference to Elemental's 3D demonstration.
2010-09-14 - The IBC Daily News staff catches up with Elemental's VP of marketing, Keith Wymbs, at IBC to discuss Media Multiplied and what it means for today's multi-platform way of life.
2010-09-11 - Heather McLean of IBC Daily News discusses Elemental's 3D demonstration at this year's IBC exhibition, highlighting projections for the future of 3DTV.
2010-09-10 - Silicon Florist's prolific blogger, Rick Turoczy, outlines Elemental's 3D HD 1080p live streaming demonstration at IBC in his post. "But for all the advances in movies and television, streaming video has remained rather, well, flat. That is, until now," says Turoczy referring to the introduction of high-quality 3D live streaming over IP by Elemental.
2010-09-10 - Jim O'Neill, editor of Fierce Online Video, reports on Elemental breaking ground at IBC 2010. "[Elemental] is moving aggressively into transcoding 3D video, collaborating with Microsoft, Level 3 and TVN Group to deliver 3D content live over the Internet at the International Broadcasting Convention this week in Amsterdam," says O'Neill.
2010-09-10 - "Taking 'over-the-top' video to a whole new level, Elemental Technologies, a startup developing massively parallel video processing systems, is showing off what it claims is the world's first live streaming 3D video in 1080p high-definition format at IBC in Amsterdam," says Todd Spangler, technology editor for Multichannel News.
2010-07-27 - One of the first to report Elemental's financing round, Xconomy details how Elemental is working with big name investors, partners and customers to help change the way video is provided and consumed. Reporter Greg Huang quotes CEO Sam Blackman on financial expectations moving forward, “we see a clear path to profitability in 2011.”
2010-07-27 - Wall Street Journal reporter Ty McMahan talks to Steamboat Managing Director and Elemental's newest board member, Scott Hillboe, about the prospects of the online video market. Hillboe states, “The short-term horizon, it’s like the wild, wild west. The growth of online video is causing a land grab." McMahan's reporting alludes to the prospects Elemental and its VCs have by being proactive in this market space.
2010-07-27 - Dean Takahashi, reporter for VentureBeat Deals, goes in depth into the technology innovations for online video, including adaptive bitrate streaming, behind Elemental's approach that make the company's solutions a perfect fit for customers like ABC News division and investors like Steamboat Ventures. Takahashi shows how Elemental Server is critical to getting video onto ABC's newest app. for the iPad.
2010-07-27 - John Cook's venture blog, TechFlash, highlights Elemental's venture capital investors' similar interests in new media and emerging technology propelling further investment in the company by Steamboat Ventures, Voyager Capital and General Catalyst. Watch video of CEO Sam Blackman's view of how Elemental helps publishers create a streamlined process to publish video across various platforms.
2010-07-27 - Streaming Media Magazine's Tim Siglin digs into the catalyst for Elemental's recent funding, including growing customer demand from the likes of content providers including News-Press & Gazette and content owners including ABC News. "As more and more units are deployed in the field," said Blackman, "we find ourselves at a tipping point. As we pass major technological and market milestones with our customers, the prudent thing to do is to position Elemental financially to support massive growth."
2010-07-27 - Paidcontent.org's Joe Tartakoff reports on Elemental's Series B financing round and growing customer list including ABC News, CBS Interactive and Oceanic Time Warner.
2010-07-27 - Mike Rogoway of the Oregonian and Silicon Forest blog, writes about Elemental's growth curve over the last four years leading to today's announcement of additional $7.5 million in Series B fiancing, led by Steamboat Ventures. Rogoway speaks to both Elemental CEO and newest board member from Steamboat about expectations for steady, yet proactive growth of the company, as the market rapidly changes.
2010-07-27 - Ryan Lawler of NewTeeVee highlights Elemental Server and Elemental Live's disruptive innovation as setting the stage for Elemental's additional financing, which will be used to expand sales and support as the firm ramps up its efforts to capture larger media customers, according to Elemental CEO Sam Blackman.


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