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2009 Archive
2009-12-30 - Mike Rogoway of the Oregonian reports in a three-part series on the top stories in Oregon technology over the last ten years, highlighting Elemental's emergence last year and leadership potential. "The prospect of renewal remains, though, primarily through a Portland company called Elemental Technologies. Founded by Pixelworks vet Sam Blackman, Elemental has arrayed an impressive list of customers, advisers and financial backers."
2009-12-27 - Oregonian business reporter, Jonathan Brinkman, follows up with Elemental on the last two years' growth as a business, including new employees, customers and investors, and venture capital's influence on start ups.
2009-12-15 - Broadcast Engineering provides a solid overview of recent trends driven by video encoding challenges and reports the numerous benefits of Elemental Server in transforming customer's batch transcoding workflows.
2009-11-25 - At NewTeeVee Live this month, Beet.TV caught up with Sam Blackman, CEO of Elemental Technologies, who was launching a new server appliance for transcoding live HD video at very fast rates, "faster than real time," at the conference. The video interview covers the product's commercial launch and trends in transcoding.
2009-11-20 - In a new feature, "Almost Famous" All Things Digital looks at up-and-coming and innovative start-up, this time featuring Sam Blackman, CEO of Elemental Technologies at the San Francisco NewTeeVee Live conference. Drake Martinet interviews Sam and learns about his preschool programming projects, his predictions for the online and mobile video space and more.
2009-11-19 - New York Times reporter Ashlee Vance reports from SuperComputing about NVIDIA's business shift to enterprise and research segments and highlights other companies' optimizing GPU technology, such as Elemental's video processing solutions.
2009-11-13 - In a further video interview with Stacey Higginbotham from GigaOM on the show floor, Blackman predicted the cost of computing would be less than the cost of caching within three years, which would change the business of how people store and transcode content to make it more flexible.
2009-11-12 - Tim Siglin of Streaming Media reports on the evolution of Elemental Server and explores Elemental Server's virtues as the first to market in GPU-accelerated transcoding. "GPU computing is a relatively new field, so we get questions about video quality vs CPU alternatives," says Blackman, when asked about the misunderstandings that Elemental hears in the general marketplace. "To prove the quality of a GPU system meets—and, in some cases, exceeds—CPU transcoding quality, we do an enormous amount of testing vs. top-of-the-line CPU codecs."
2009-11-12 - NewTeeVee's Stacey Higginbotham and Katie Fehrenbacher recap the "Next Big Thing" announcements and predictions from the first round of presenters at the NewTeeVee Live conference, including CEO Sam Blackman's estimate that "unlike other forms of media the Internet will not destroy the pay-TV model."
2009-11-10 - John Virata of Digital Media Net highlights the positive benefits of using Elemental Accelerator to encode large jobs on a regular basis and finds exemplary performance while testing NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800 on HPZ400 workstation and Quadro FX 4800 on a Lenovo D20 ThinkStation workstation.
2009-11-05 - Erik Kuna of Layers reviews NVIDIA's Quadro FX 4800 and highlights how "Elemental Accelerator allows Adobe Premiere to render H.264 movies using the GPU at faster-than-real-time speeds, which is pretty much unheard of with CPU rendering.
2009-11-01 - John Parnell of Digital Broadcast Middle East, "looks at some of the encoding conundrums and the latest products developed to solve them," including Elemental Server.
2009-10-03 - Anshel Sag of Bright Side of News spoke with Elemental CEO Sam Blackman during his technology session at the GPU Technology Conference about the GPU-accelerated advancements demonstrated at the show, including Elemental Server and the technical preview of live streaming webcast of conference keynotes. Sag said, "one thing is certain - this is a company to watch for in 2010.
2009-09-18 - Mike Rogoway of the Oregonian talks to area startups about Voyager Capital's most recent appointment of Bruce Chizen, former Adobe CEO and Elemental Technologies board member, as a partner and reports that Chizen is keeping a sharp eye on Portland entrepreneurs, since he feels like there is a lot of untapped potential.
2009-09-15 - Reporting from the trade show floor of IBC, Tim Siglin of Streaming Media highlights Elemental's product suite including Elemental Accelerator, a plug-in targeting professional video editors using Adobe Premiere CS4, the upcoming Elemental Server targeting the larger enterprise companies with a need of transcoding several simultaneous video streams, and technology previews of great things to come from Elemental.
2009-09-01 - Mike McCarthy of HD4PC offers a positive review of Elemental Accelerator, a plug-in for Adobe Premiere CS4, discussing the various features and formats supported by the plug-in and goes on to demonstrate the various speed increases while encoding.
2009-08-21 - Gregory Huang of Xconomy takes a look at startups, including Elemental, to see which types of corporate culture will ultimately lead to a company's success. You will be interested to know what word CEO Sam Blackman selected when asked to describe the key to Elemental's culture.
2009-08-11 - Twice a year, tech companies descend on CableLabs’ Innovation Showcase to demo their wares for a group of cable operators. This week’s presentations during CableLabs’ Summer Conference included 11 companies, such as Elemental Technologies, reports Amy Maclean of CableFax.
2009-08-07 - Ty Lowell of ProVideo Coalition News shares HP's announcement that it will make available Elemental Accelerator™ for NVIDIA® Quadro® plug-in for Adobe Creative Suite 4 users as an option now available on the full line of HP workstations - including HP Z Workstations - the NVIDIA CUDA-based Elemental Accelerator 2.0 plug-in software delivers further performance benefits when working with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.
2009-08-07 - John Virata at Creative Mac interviews Carl Flygare at Siggraph about the newest and coolest graphics cards and technology. Discussion includes the latest innovation in graphics cards, what the market is doing with them, and the distinct difference between new products and innovative products.


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