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AWS Elemental Blog
Submitted by Sam on January 3, 2008

Sam Blackman Welcome, gentle reader, to the Elemental blog. My name is Sam Blackman, CEO of Elemental Technologies, and it's a pleasure to have your virtual company. As you probably know (since you are here), Elemental aspires to write the fastest, highest quality video-processing software anywhere. That skillset does not necessarily lend itself to writing, but nonetheless my goal is to make this blog interesting and insightful. There's a fine line to tread when writing a corporate blog: if it's just hyping your latest product release, it might as well be marketing collateral and most people with better things to do won't read it; yet filling it with the latest on Britney's travails probably isn't appropriate, either, since we are going to have a tough time convincing high school kids to buy the RapiHD SDK. Given these constraints, I will try to keep the blog interesting and relevant as well as technically accurate. A good way to start, then, is to highlight other entrepreneurial blogs that I think have figured out this balance. These two are well worth adding to your RSS feed if you have ever thought about starting a company. Two of my favorites:

  • Redfin logoGlenn Kelman's blog over at Redfin. One of the most detailed yet still humorous blogs on starting a company. He also is good buddies with Guy Kawasaki and has some great postings on Guy's site, including "Financial Models for Underachievers: Two Years of the Real Numbers of a Startup."
  • gDiapers LogoJason Graham-Nye at gDiapers has a great product (biodegradeable, compostable disposal diapers), and an equally entertaining blog. Jason moved to Portland from Australia a couple years ago and started gDiapers with his wife. They now run the business out of (and live in) a large old home in Northwest Portland ... every day on the way to work I pass the Prius in the parking strip with a giant sticker that says "CHANGE gDIAPERS". Both Redfin and gDiapers have really mastered the art of marketing and public relations!