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Snopening Day Brightens Black Friday

Snopening Day Brightens Black Friday

Baseball season may still be four months away as snow blankets Progressive Field in Cleveland, but that isn’t keeping people away from the ballpark. In fact, it’s bringing them in. The Indians’ Snow Days, a month-long “gigantic winter fun event,” kicks off today at the venue in downtown Cleveland.

Snow Days

Although baseball stadiums historically go quiet during the winter, save for the Winter Classic, Progressive Field is bringing the noise. The organization’s goal is to make Snow Days a marquee destination featuring wintery food, fun and activities, including:

  • The “Batterhorn,” a multi-lane snow tubing track that begins at a height of 60 feet, 6 inches (the same distance from home plate to the pitcher’s mound)
  • The “Frozen Mile,” a quarter mile-long ice rink around the outfield warning track
  • “Slider’s Snow Zone,” a kids’ play area in left field
  • The “Home Run Porch,” a fire pit lounge area with concessions
  • The “Winter Haven” walking trail with snow angels in the outfield, lighted trees and a giant snow maze
  • A big fireworks display on November 26 (“Snopening Day”).

So what does this have to do with Elemental? Elemental Live is powering live coverage of Snow Days over at the Tribe's website. Adobe Flash adaptive bit rate streams are live around the clock for the duration of the event, which concludes on January 2. This lets viewers watch as 150 tons of snow is pumped into the park each day, kids fly down the track on tubes and wobbly skaters navigate the oversized ice rink. And who knows, maybe executives at other baseball franchises will tune in to get winter event ideas for their own ballparks. Snow Days could be shoveling the path (plowing the way?) for more year-round fun down the road.