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Russian Telco MegaFon Deploys Elemental Solutions to Support Massive Subscriber Growth

Russian Telco MegaFon Deploys Elemental Solutions to Support Massive Subscriber Growth

MegaFon, a leading telco and mobile operator in Russia, has recently experienced a staggering 140-fold increase in users for its over-the-top (OTT) TV service MegaFon.TV. Since its launch, the service has seen users grow from approximately 10,000 to more than 1.4 million. Video solutions from Elemental have helped make that growth possible.

The second largest mobile phone and telco operator by number of subscribers in Russia, MegaFon was the first company in Russia to launch a 3G cellular service, and first in the world with a commercial LTE-Advanced (4G) service. The company has a goal to be the leading OTT video service in Russia. This was a driver behind the company’s decision to evaluate its technology platform.

MegaFon moved into the OTT market with MegaFon.TV in 2012. Since then, it has built a video infrastructure that includes encoders and transcoders from a variety of vendors, along with some ad hoc management tools and processes. To meet its goals and to serve the ever-growing number of connected devices and formats on the market, Megafon leaders recognized that they needed a more sophisticated video platform.

The company talked to a number of vendors, but only Elemental was able to address better ways of working and an integrated solution. MegaFon recognized the need to support large numbers of end-user devices, with better quality and more content. The company also needed to add catch-up TV and start-over TV services to launch its video-on-demand (VOD) offering and the ability to increase revenues through enhanced advertising.

The MegaFon.TV workflow includes a suite of Elemental video processing and delivery solutions. Elemental Delta just-in-time packaging brings content together at the point of request and ensures maximum efficiency of content servers and content delivery network. Elemental Live is gradually replacing existing transcoders as they become life-expired, resulting in improved image quality while future-proofing the MegaFon infrastructure to accommodate new formats and technological advancements, such as high-efficiency video coding (HEVC/H.265). Elemental Server efficiently transcodes VOD content to rapidly expand the MegaFon.TV video library.

The Elemental solution meets MegaFon’s goal of a single solution that is cross-platform, scalable and reliable. It also provides better functionality and a more efficient workflow than legacy solutions. During major seasonal promotions which generated a huge increase in simultaneous connections for MegaFon.TV, Elemental video processing and delivery supported a significant growth in the number of paid subscriptions, all the while providing subscribers with consistent premium quality streaming video.