Keep Your Eye on Indonesia

Keep Your Eye on Indonesia

Indonesia is like no other country in the world. As a nation of more than 17,000 islands, 6,000 are inhabited and nearly half of the country’s 253 million population lives in rural villages. So, it is surprising that Indonesia is also one of the largest global markets for social media and the fourth largest user of smartphones in the world.

Why is this? Indonesia’s mobile-first market, which began with the 25 and under population, is expanding. Prices for devices and services are coming down, expectations and middle class incomes are rising, and wireless Internet is breaking down Indonesia’s last mile obstacle with a vengeance. Internet use is poised for terrific growth – even acceleration.

In a country where nearly everyone watches television, a 6% household penetration for cable and satellite broadcast services can only mean good news for Elemental customer Orange TV, a leading pay TV service provider owned by Indonesia’s PT Mega Media. Elemental solutions are enabling Orange TV to expand and enhance its over-the-top (OTT) content delivery service, Generation Flix (Genflix).

Genflix, which offered Asian-themed entertainment at its launch in 2012, is actively expanding content. Their top offerings now include live sports, such as Barclays Premier League, box office movies and local episodic dramas, thanks to Elemental’s guaranteed content delivery and security. Orange TV is depending on Elemental’s video processing software to help attract Generation Y and millennials into its subscriber base.

Forecasts show that in the coming years, Indonesia will have as many people using the Internet as the next four largest ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries combined. This means a dynamic market for broadcast and interactive media, and increased demand for technology devices and online services. Elemental is proud to be part of Orange TV’s effort to bring anytime, anywhere high-quality TV and video to Indonesia.