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Multimedios Takes to the Cloud with AWS and AWS Elemental

Multimedios Takes to the Cloud with AWS and AWS Elemental

Mexican terrestrial broadcast network Multimedios Televisión serves Northern Mexico with locally produced news, sports and entertainment. In addition to eight affiliate stations in Mexico, including its flagship in Monterrey, Multimedios is seen throughout the country on paid satellite and cable services and has affiliates in the U.S. and Canada.

The network hosts three live streams associated with different regional affiliates on its web site, in addition to publishing a significant portion of programming online as video-on-demand (VOD) assets. With 20 hours a day of broadcast content – and 58 hours a week of news alone – the network offers a wealth of options for online viewing.

In 2015, Multimedios deployed AWS Elemental Live encoding solutions to enhance its growing online video processing workflow. While the AWS Elemental software exceeded its requirements for converting broadcast signals to adaptive bitrate live streams for multiscreen viewing, Multimedios’ other legacy components in the workflow fell short as Multimedios brought more and more content online; in particular, Multimedios’ delivery platform and content delivery network (CDN) struggled to keep pace with the network’s needs.

“Our previous solutions couldn’t deliver the functionality or the performance to get our video clips and VOD assets prepared and published at the speed or quality we wanted,” said Rommel Valencia, digital media operations manager for Multimedios. “Take news as an example; we produce a lot of breaking stories that viewers go searching for online. In some cases, viewers were posting clips of our broadcasts to Twitter, Facebook or YouTube well before we could get them published, which is simply unacceptable.”

Multimedios looked to AWS to elevate its processing workflow with an end-to-end approach. Given the option to host processing, delivery and distribution in the cloud, the network saw the advantages of centralizing its workflow, including encoding, packaging and delivery, file-based storage and CDN with AWS.

“With AWS, we get consistent high-quality live streams and VOD assets; we get on-demand, elastic cloud storage; and we get flexible, reliable content distribution, all seamlessly integrated,” added Valencia. “That’s good news for our viewers. And now, we can push breaking news and other live-to-VOD assets to social media and the web in virtually real time, so we can engage those viewers as events unfold.”