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Live 4K HDR with Globosat

Live 4K HDR with Globosat

Globosat, one of Latin America’s biggest pay TV players and Brazil’s leading multichannel broadcaster and content provider, took on the challenge of supporting a special joint venture with Samsung as the centerpiece of their soccer tournament coverage. In conjunction with their free-to-air match coverage and streaming service delivery, Globosat delivered a high-end 4K HDR stream to a dedicated SporTV 4K application on Samsung 4K TVs to provide a compelling experience of content and display device technology. The effort with Samsung drove significant demand for TV equipment and boosted visibility for Globsat’s 4K HDR services; at the same time, Globosat delivered on the promise of outstanding streaming experiences for all of the connected devices in the market.

At the heart of the Globosat solution for this event was a combination of the AWS Elemental Delta video delivery platform and AWS Elemental Live encoders. Video origination from the stadiums in Russia, including HDR signaling, is processed by the Live encoders to produce a range of bitrates in HDR and SDR formats which are then packed and encrypted by Delta to support the fan’s devices with a range of HLS and DASH stream types. A great deal of attention was paid to the critical task of tuning elements of the live stream workflow to reduce end-to-end latency, including refinement of encoded segment lengths and optimization of the Globo CDN.

At the same time the encoded streams were recorded, edited and turned into on-demand assets. The SportTV application enabled fan selection of live coverage or playback of prior matches, but all the full 4K HDR content is exclusively available via the special version of the Samsung SportTV 4K app.

Globosat, AWS, and integrator AD Digital cooperated to engineer the end-to-end workflow to deliver a super-premium experience for Brazilian soccer fans. AWS Elemental solutions again proved their flexibility and stability in mission-critical, highly demanding applications, with Globosat confirming that the video infrastructure operated flawlessly for the duration of the tournament.

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