Japan’s LINE Streams from the Streets for One-of-a-Kind Live Event

Japan’s LINE Streams from the Streets for One-of-a-Kind Live Event

Japan-based messaging service and social network LINE offers users a wealth of fresh, professionally produced and user-generated live streaming content through its livecasting platform, LINE LIVE. With more than 170 million active LINE users every month—most of them in the Asia-Pacific region—LINE LIVE offers a powerful platform for brands, artists and influencers to reach a highly engaged, youth-oriented audience on their browsers and mobile devices.

Rock group Suchmos has captivated Japanese audiences with its distinctive fusion of rock, jazz and hip-hop, placing several songs on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 and garnering acclaim for its music and video performances.

Seeking opportunities to expand the reach of its successful first national concert tour TOUR MINT CONDITION, Suchmos held a special event, "Suchmos DRIVE-IN THEATER," in collaboration with Suchmostyle, a weekly program Suchmos hosts on the Space Shower TV music channel.

The event was streamed live via LINE LIVE and a dedicated app featuring Suchmos as well as films to be screened at the drive-in theater. Members of Suchmos traveled in two cars, introducing their music while driving to the event site. The live streaming event was produced and operated by live production house AT-LINKAGE.

The concept went beyond a traditional live performance by putting viewers inside the vehicles with the band while they drove to the concert venue. Two Hondas carried the six bandmates while a third camera car followed. Dashboard-mounted 4K Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) cameras and in-car microphones captured the band’s interactions, with mobile transmitters linked to public IP networks delivering raw feeds to an on-site studio provisioned for the event.

There, the production team composed and aggregated content for real-time delivery to viewers on LINE LIVE and to the crowds awaiting their arrival at the drive-in theater, moving viewers seamlessly from camera to camera and utilizing split screens for an immersive experience. When the band arrived, handheld and shoulder-mount cameras were ready to capture their entrance and the performance that followed.

The LINE LIVE video player features a fixed vertical layout for mobile device viewing, devoting the top third of the screen to streaming video in a 720 x 1280 viewport and the rest to text and interaction. While the player does not support 4K resolution, AT-Linkage recognized that delivering the highest quality live stream would require the highest quality inputs and designed the production workflow with 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) cameras anchoring the action. The live workflow composed and produced real-time content in UHD to be fed to an AWS Elemental Live encoder; taking advantage of the encoder’s flexible signal processing, the AWS Elemental Live solution preprocessed the UHD source to furnish a cropped 720p high-definition output for delivery at the defined viewport size to multiscreen devices through the LINE LIVE app.

The live event was broadcast December 10, 2016 to LINE LIVE audiences across the world and later offered on-demand as part of the Suchmostyle content library. As Ryo Fukutani, representative director of AT-Linkage observed, “This was a complex live workflow anchored by nine cameras feeding live content, using moving vehicles as part of an unscripted, authentic artistic event. We wanted the viewing experience to be flawless. We relied on AWS Elemental Live for its outstanding encoding performance and resiliency and its proven ability to deliver multiple adaptive bitrate outputs for live streaming content.”

You can watch Suchmos DRIVE-IN THEATER here.