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Submitted by Lisa on December 11, 2008

Ryan Shrout has posted a review entitled "NVIDIA Quadro CX and Adobe CS4 GPU Acceleration" on PC Perspective's website. The Elemental Accelerator, which is bundled with the Quadro CX, is featured prominently and positively in the review. The article can be found here. Select excerpts are listed in the full entry.

"The NVIDIA Quadro CX is billed as "the accelerator for Adobe CS4 Suite" and it is in fact just that.  In nearly every respect in fact, the Quadro CX is identical in features and hardware to the Quadro FX 4800 graphics card with the exception of support for SDI output in Premiere Pro and After Effects as well as the RapiHD plug-in for video encoding.  Those added features are really what make the Quadro CX stand out from the crowd."

"The encode process using the Elemental Accelerator encoder on the NVIDIA Quadro CX took just under four minutes to complete while using the CPU-based Adobe encoder the process took nearly eight full minutes.  The GPU-accelerated encoder has essentially cut the rendering time in half - and while 236 seconds and 470 seconds doesn't seem like a long time, extrapolating this out to 1 hour+ length videos you can clearly see how getting half of your render time back could save a lot of time."

"It's really hard to NOT be impressed by the upgrades to Adobe's software and the work that NVIDIA and Elemental put into the RapiHD plug-in for Premiere Pro CS4.  Any professional user that depends on Adobe's suite of software for their work will see a dramatic improvement in efficiency and productivity with GPU-acceleration and video pros will definitely enjoy the 2x speed up in H.264 encode times provided by the Quadro CX hardware.  I know for our use we'll be putting this sample to good use in our upcoming video production work!"

Submitted by Lisa on December 8, 2008

Here is an updated link for the video below this time on the official Adobe TV site:

DAVTechTable -- CS4 Production Premium and the Nvidia Quadro CX

Submitted by Lisa on November 26, 2008

Daves Tech table has reviewed the Quadro CX card including the RapiHD Accelerator as well as the other GPU acceleration available with the Quadro CX.

The Quadro CX entry on Daves Tech table is here

Check out the video where he shows an example of using the card and how to setup the Quadro CX graphics card in your system.