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How to Succeed in Cloud Video in 6 Steps

How to Succeed in Cloud Video in 6 Steps

1. Trade capital expense for pay as you go
2. Benefit from massive economies of scale
3. Stop guessing capacity
4. Shorten your time to market
5. Build for one region and build for all
6. Stop maintaining data centers

1 Easy Way There: AWS Media Services

These resources explain how AWS Media Services work and what they can do for you. They also help you determine the right set of solutions for your needs, wherever you are on the path to the cloud. We’ve divided the resources into two sections, those to read and those to watch. Start anywhere you like.


Cloud Video Assessment: How Ready Are You? | Start the Quiz

Cloud operations simplify much of the complex infrastructure and expensive overhead that video providers deal with. But the critical question is, are the video workflows you use a good fit for cloud operations? AWS Elemental makes a complex question easier to answer with a quick self-assessment. See for yourself.

Why Video Processing and Delivery is Moving to the Cloud | Get the E-book

As video quality, accessibility and utility skyrockets, the ways video providers create and deliver professional-grade video services is changing. This e-book details how video providers like you are adapting to a change, the strengths and shortcomings of conventional approaches to video delivery, the benefits of moving video operations to the cloud, and much more.

The Practical Guide to AWS Media Services | Get the Practical Guide

AWS Media Services are designed to give you an easy path to cloud-based video processing and delivery. Virtually limitless capacity, performance to scale, the latest proven video standards, formats and protocols – yes, but much more as well. Learn about the benefits of each new service and how to deploy them for discrete workloads or complete, end-to-end video workflows.


AWS Media Services Overview | Watch the Webcast

How do you bring your video operations in line with your customers’ rapidly rising expectations? Wherever you are on your journey to the cloud – researching, evaluating, or preparing to purchase – AWS Media Services offers a robust range of services for ingesting, storing, processing, managing, delivering and analyzing video content. If you want an overview of how to implement these essential functions in the cloud, this is it.

AWS Elemental MediaConvert | Watch the Webcast

Easily transcode video-on-demand content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery, scaling the service in line with demand, with pay-as-you-go pricing and tight integration with other AWS services that can’t be matched on-premises.

AWS Elemental MediaLive | Watch the Webcast

Encode high-quality event-based or 24/7 live video streams for broadcast television or multiscreen devices without the hassle and expense of a dedicated infrastructure. Another substantial gain: You can stand up live channels in minutes instead of months.

AWS Elemental MediaPackage | Watch the Webcast

Just-in-time packaging for cost-effective video distribution makes it easy to enrich audience experiences with time-shifted TV and other advanced features. Reduce complexity, increase resiliency, and protect multiscreen content without the risk of under- or over-provisioning infrastructure.

AWS Elemental MediaStore | Watch the Webcast

An easy-to-use and cost-effective simple origin that is uniquely optimized for both fast, low-latency writes and performance for high volumes of requests – an advantage that decreases the risk of buffering video and improves end-to-end performance across the workflow.

AWS Elemental MediaTailor | Watch the Webcast

Ad insertion easily scales to meet the demands of peak viewership, including personalizing and delivering content in response to millions of simultaneous user requests. Advertising and content are delivered as a continuous stream to avoid ad blocking and provide a better, uninterrupted viewing experience.