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The Future of TV Predicted at NewTeeVee Live Conference? Maybe.

The Future of TV Predicted at NewTeeVee Live Conference? Maybe.

Today should be an interesting day in San Francisco. I've been looking forward to NewTeeVee Live conference for a couple months now. I'll admit this is somewhat due to the fact that Elemental is featured as one of ten of GigaOM's "favorite startups," but also because the conference has a terrific lineup. The startups invited were asked to talk about what they think is the "Next Big Thing"; there should be some interesting responses! Elemental is the first company to present, and I'm very curious to hear what the following companies (including some of the most exciting companies in the space like Boxee, Ooyala and Inlet) predict.NewTeeVee Live logo

Beyond the "Next Big Thing" portion, the schedule features a buffet of intriguing conversations with new media thought leaders and companies. I've been especially looking forward to hearing more about:

  • what Quincy Smith (CBS Interactive) foresees as the big picture for getting traditional media online,
  • what Hunter Walk (YouTube) predicts about building market space in uncharted waters (something we're very familiar with at Elemental),
  • what Andy Mitchell (CNN) and Randi Zuckerberg (Facebook) have to say about the potential for merging the viral phenomena of online communities and online video.

GigaOM says the theme of the day will be TV Everywhere, the proposed authentication system around subscriber online access to premium TV content. This program has been percolating over the last year, including Comcast and Time Warner's pairing to pilot a test program over the past few months. The three-screen experience (TV, PC, mobile) definitely seems like a "next big thing" that's already becoming mainstream, at least according to the incoming customer requests for mobile device support. There should be a lot to learn today about TV Everywhere's prospects and limitations. Knowing GigaOM, there will be ample reporting all day, including webcasts from the conference floor, so be sure to follow the action on the web or on twitter (newteeveelive or elementaltech).