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fuboTV Scales in the Cloud with AWS Elemental

fuboTV Scales in the Cloud with AWS Elemental

fuboTV is opening the door to live streaming sports experiences, giving fans and cord cutters access to all the action of live sports with a rich set of programming packages. The virtual multichannel video programming distributor keeps viewers engaged with a lineup of more than 70 channels and a heavy emphasis on sports programming from all major teams, leagues, and international tournaments – including more channels that carry sports in its base package than any other vMVPD. Through its own desktop and mobile web sites, and apps on TV connected devices such as Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV - as well as iOS and Android phones and tablets - fuboTV aims to bring viewers the live sports and entertainment they want, at home or on-the-go, with a flexible, user-friendly experience.

fuboTV brings audiences a diverse array of networks from across the world. Content from most of those networks comes to fuboTV with an allotment of ad inventory set aside for the company to manage and market, giving fuboTV a valuable opportunity to monetize its streaming content and create incremental revenue. But at first, the company’s cloud-based video infrastructure wasn’t capable of inserting advertising into live video streams, limiting its ability to realize value from ad inventory. “When we launched, we weren’t able to monetize many of the streams we received from our network partners,” said Sung Ho Choi, co-founder of fuboTV. “If we didn’t find the right solution for ad insertion, we were going to leave real money on the table.”

Choi and Thomas Symborski, principal software engineer at fuboTV, explored different approaches to implementing dynamic ad insertion. The solution had to provide on-demand placement of personalized video advertising via established ad networks, integrate seamlessly with its cloud-based infrastructure, and require minimal effort to deploy and manage. fuboTV signed on for a private preview of AWS Elemental MediaTailor and soon brought the solution into its production workflow.

“AWS Elemental MediaTailor was the perfect solution for fuboTV,” said Symborski. “It fits into our workflow with zero friction. We can continue to use the same architecture and the same origin; we simply configured our video players to point to AWS Elemental MediaTailor instead of our origin. There’s no impact on our systems, or the upstream systems of our content providers.”

As part of the fuboTV video workflow, AWS Elemental MediaTailor queries personalized ad content from two ad decision servers, which determine which ads to send based on information about the viewer and parameters defined by fuboTV. The solution inserts ads directly into individual video streams prior to encoding and distribution. Advertising and primary content reach the viewer with the same adaptive bitrate profile, resolution, aspect ratio, frames per second, and audio levels. Ads are inserted frame accurately, creating smooth transitions between content and advertising.

“The benefits to our business have been exceptional,” noted Choi. “AWS Elemental MediaTailor gives us the power to monetize our content with ads that viewers find relevant and engaging. We’ve added a significant revenue stream that enhances our business model and helps us keep subscription fees low. And, from a technical standpoint, AWS Elemental MediaTailor is so easy to deploy and manage. That lets us test new monetization strategies quickly and focus our resources on creating the best sports streaming service in the market.”

To hear more from Choi about his experience with AWS Elemental solutions, check out our video here. To learn about AWS Elemental MediaTailor, watch the webcast, “Personalize and Monetize Multiscreen Video Content in the Cloud.”