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Elemental Webinar Dec. 18: Multiscreen Goes Mainstream

Elemental Webinar Dec. 18: Multiscreen Goes Mainstream

The multiscreen video world includes the computer monitor, notebook, tablet and mobile phone

While many technology trends turn out to be short-lived, multiscreen video consumption is different. In a few short years, multiscreen video has emerged as a significant global trend on par with the shifts toward digital or HD video in previous decades. Increasing consumer demand for instantaneous OTT access to video is the catalyst for innovation in the video industry. Pay TV operators, content programmers, and studios are all scaling their infrastructure to meet these needs as multiscreen goes mainstream. 

Join video industry experts for a thorough exploration of the challenges and opportunities posed by the global demand for multiscreen video distribution. During this session you will learn: 

• what market trends are telling us about subscriber demand in the U.S. and abroad;
• what early adopters learned through the execution of media everywhere strategies;
• what must be done to cost-effectively satisfy mass market requirements, an
• what can be done to effectively monetize on the multiscreen investments. 


Michelle Abraham, senior analyst, Multimedia Research Group
Tom Morrod, director of consumer and media technology, IHS
Keith Wymbs, VP, marketing, Elemental Technologies
Moderated by Fred Dawson, editor, ScreenPlays

December 18, 2012 
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM EST
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