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Elemental Powers Unified Headend for Panama’s Cable Onda

Elemental Powers Unified Headend for Panama’s Cable Onda

Assuring a consistent, top-quality user experience is front of mind for Panama’s Cable Onda, whether that is on next-generation set-top boxes, computers, mobile devices or TVs. A new unified headend is driving this TV everywhere consistency, feeding all Cable Onda video-on-demand (VOD) and live streaming services. Elemental software-defined video solutions are at the core of the new headend, helping Cable Onda realize its objective to enrich its service portfolio and delight users.

With more than 35 years in service, Cable Onda is among the largest service providers in Panama, offering television, internet and telephony services. With a heritage of technology and industry innovation, Cable Onda is using the Elemental-powered unified headend to support its new over-the-top (OTT) and mobile content VOD and live streaming delivery services. Cable Onda will deliver next-generation experiences for subscribers across multiple networks and connected screens.

“Elemental could demonstrate that it had already delivered a consistent, high quality experience across platforms,” said Michael Maduro, Vice President of Strategic Projects for Cable Onda. “They understood what we needed, the architecture we had planned, and how to integrate with our other technology platforms.”

“Our new headend will deliver a consistent experience to the new set-top boxes on our existing HFC network and for OTT and mobile services,” Maduro added. “That makes us more attractive to audiences, which will allow us to maintain and grow our market share. Equally important, the new headend will be easier to manage and more cost-effective to operate – a win-win.”

Cable Onda is integrating the system in-house with the support of Elemental engineers. It has chosen to use dedicated Elemental Live appliances with Statistical Multiplexing capabilities, which are HEVC compliant, so the company can add 4K Ultra HD services when ready. Additionally, Cable Onda is using Elemental Server and Elemental Conductor.

In the first phase launch Cable Onda will add new services such as seamless access to VOD services and online services like time-shifting and networked PVR.