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Elemental Powers 4K Video-on-Demand Service in Brazil

Elemental Powers 4K Video-on-Demand Service in Brazil provides digital platforms and services for Brazil’s Grupo Globo, connecting online audiences to a vast portfolio of content and services including Globo TV’s broadcast networks, film studio Globo Filmes and over-the-top television service Globo Play. As part of its mission, provides video-on-demand (VOD) services for programs produced by more than 100 TV affiliates across the country. Recently, Globo made the strategic business decision to develop a subscription-based 4K VOD service and turned to Elemental, its long-time source for video processing solutions, to power the deployment.

Prior to developing the 4K service, conducted extensive market research, including monitoring the types of viewing devices connected to its video services. It identified a significant number of devices in use, particularly smart televisions, capable of displaying 4K video, while underscoring consumers’ expectations for enhanced picture quality from 4K services.

Informed by its findings, built the plan to develop and launch its 4K VOD service. Transcoding speed and video quality were among its top requirements. Speed is critical to not only in terms of fast time-to-market for its new service, but in its ability to quickly process great volumes of content as it continuously builds a library of 4K streaming video from its vast number of sources. At such a high resolution, superior video quality is clearly of fundamental importance to the viewing experience of its audiences across Brazil.

According to Igor Macaubas, product manager, online video platform of, “The system integration advantages of choosing Elemental were very important in launching our new service quickly, but our main concern was that we achieve the exceptional image quality our viewers expect from 4K video while getting our content to market as quickly as possible. Elemental once again proved it could deliver. We’ve trusted Elemental for many years and its ability to stay ahead of the consumer technology curve while maintaining interoperability and ease of deployment continues to impress.”

Software-defined video solutions from Elemental are uniquely well-equipped to meet’s stringent requirements to implement the 4K HEVC codec in multiple bitrates. HEVC is powerful, delivering highly efficient video compression that makes online delivery of 4K content practical. HEVC is also computationally intensive, requiring the development of complex algorithms to achieve its superior compression ratios. Elemental’s HEVC solutions allow advanced video encoding to be implemented in dedicated appliances, virtualized in a data center or hosted in the cloud, whether supporting real-time streaming or batch-processed encoding.

The 4K VOD service is slated to go live in February 2017, and will offer a rich library of 4K content.