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Elemental Partners Bring DVB Solutions to Market

Elemental Partners Bring DVB Solutions to Market

Elemental cultivates relationships and works with a wide array of industry partners, including technology and channel partners, to develop end-to-end video processing solutions for customers around the world. The Elemental Technology Partner program includes leading vendors that provide best-of-breed content acquisition and production, content viewing, preparation, packaging, and distribution solutions. The Elemental Channel Partner program has more than 100 active channel partners.

DVB, or digital video broadcasting, is a suite of international standards for digital television distribution. DVB offers a broadcast platform for cable distribution (DVB-C), satellite transmission (DVB-S), and terrestrial transmission (DVB-T). According to the DVB consortium, television services using DVB standards are now available on every continent with more than one billion DVB receivers deployed around the world. 

Get an inside look at Elemental technology and channel partners as executives discuss how their organizations work with Elemental to create and drive revenue opportunities that comply with DVB standards. In a video snapshot with Nevion, Janne Morstøl, Chief Strategy Officer, describes how her business partners with Elemental to provide a unified headend solution that enables terrestrial operators to deliver DVB-T2 compatible video to primary screens and multiscreen devices. In a video snapshot with Teleste, Julius Tikkanen, Vice President, Video Service Platforms, describes how his company’s DVB-C and DVB-S2 expertise complements Elemental’s deep video processing experience to enable cable and satellite providers to deliver video content beyond primary screens to multiscreen devices.

Learn more about the history of DVB and how Elemental video solutions comply with the latest generation of DVB standards in this white paper, Digital Video Broadcasting.