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Elemental 2010: Top 5 Greatest Hits

Elemental 2010: Top 5 Greatest Hits

We’ve had many significant developments at Elemental in this transformative year including numerous customer wins, a Series B funding round and strong additions to our executive team. But what achievements truly stand out as highlights in 2010?

Elemental History of Innovation


Q: How was live encoding revolutionized in 2010?

A: Elemental launched its GPU-accelerated Elemental Live encoder at NAB 2010 and promptly took home a Mario Award from TV Technology Magazine. The Mario recognizes significant technical breakthroughs predicted to profoundly impact the future of audio and video technology. Just seven months later, Elemental Live is widely deployed in content production workflows to create multi-formatted video.

Q: How did Elemental up the ante for live streaming 3D? 

A: Elemental partnered with Microsoft and NVIDIA at IBC 2010 to achieve the first live Smooth Streaming 3D broadcast in full HD. The demonstration featured a real-world 3D workflow in which Elemental Live performed the heavy-duty encoding required to stream live 3D adaptive bit rate video at up to 1080p over the Internet to the Elemental and Microsoft booths on the trade show floor.

Q: How did half a million online viewers attend a rock concert in real time?

A: Elemental joined forces with Microsoft and iStreamPlanet in November to deliver the first live concert streamed over the Internet in full 1080p HD. The event featured Grammy Award-winning artist Imogen Heap performing live in London. Elemental was subsequently highlighted as an iStreamPlanet partner for the collaborative and successful delivery of this broadcast-quality event.

Q: Who took GPU-accelerated video transcoding off the ground and into the cloud? 

A: Elemental was the first to perform video transcoding in the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure using GPU compute power. In the coming year, Elemental will launch its Accelerated Cloud Transcoding (ACT) family of services as an augmented offering to its customers who want to take advantage of scalable, pay-as-you-go transcoding performed on powerful graphics processors.

Q: What the heck is Snow Days and why do we keep tweeting about it?

A: Snow Days is a first-of-its-kind and ongoing winter event at the Cleveland Indians baseball stadium that features snow tubing, ice skating and other family-oriented snow and ice-based activities. Elemental is live streaming the action on the field 24/7 for the duration of the event: November 26-January 2. As an uninterrupted live streaming event, this rivals coverage of the BP oil spill! However, we like to think Elemental’s nonstop streaming of Snow Days is a more positive contribution to perfecting the media experience.

Note that since this entry was posted, Elemental ACT has been rebranded as Elemental™ Cloud