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On Demand: Dive Deep into Resilient Live Workflows

On Demand: Dive Deep into Resilient Live Workflows

Sports and other live video content attracts viewers, creates revenue opportunities, and can play an important part in building loyal audiences. For content providers, getting the most out of investments in live streaming video means establishing workflows and processes that ensure an uninterrupted, high-quality experience for viewers on their preferred screen. 

To keep you up to date on the latest solutions for reliable live video, AWS produced a three-part webcast series that dives deep into technologies and best practices that simplify the work of building and maintaining resilient live streaming workflows. Click here to register and watch any of the following webcasts on demand:

The Fundamentals of Building a Resilient Live Channel explores the details of real-world video workflows with a focus on issues that impact reliability, plus strategies for redundancy and monitoring to achieve broadcast-grade resilience. AWS experts discuss solutions for resilient content contribution, transcoding, packaging, and content delivery;

Advanced Workflows for Resilient Live Video Streaming addresses strategies for deploying AWS Media Services in different regions, and setting up failover that can span across AWS Regions. This session also covers other approaches to achieving resilience, such as content contribution with AWS Elemental MediaConnect and input switching for disaster recovery with AWS Elemental MediaLive;

Operationalize & Monitor Your Live Video Workflow illustrates how users can set up an end-to-end monitoring system using the Media Services Application Mapper (MSAM) solution, which automatically provisions the services necessary to visualize cloud media services, their relationships, and the real-time status of linear video services.

For more presentations from AWS media experts, you can search our full library of webcasts and online conferences.