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Cloudy with a Chance of Transcodes

Cloudy with a Chance of Transcodes

Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced its new GPU cloud-hosted solution called Amazon Cluster GPU Instances. Elemental is proud to partner with AWS to provide the world’s first GPU-accelerated cloud transcoding services running on Amazon’s EC2 GPU Clusters. Tomorrow, Elemental will officially announce our Elemental Accelerated Cloud Transcoding family of services – Elemental ACT™ for short.

Elemental ACT is our first foray into cloud-based transcoding. With these services, Elemental will augment our existing solutions to provide media conversion options across a broad continuum that meet the varied needs of our customers. With a full complement of offerings from the pay-as-you-grow cloud “utility” service to the unique hybrid models that help meet elastic demand for high-quality transcoding, Elemental will continue to set the benchmark in high performance transcoding for our customers. And with our efficient use of Amazon Machine Instances, we will be able to provide significant cost savings to customers as well.

Elemental ACT Cloud Transcoding Workflow

Whether it’s in the cloud or the data center, we’re eager to find new ways to optimize the use of graphics processing units wherever they reside. We are excited to extend our existing track record of video innovation around high performance computing using Amazon Web Services.

Note that since this entry was posted, Elemental ACT has been rebranded as Elemental™ Cloud