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Approach the Cloud with Confidence: AWS Media Services from the Customer’s Point of View

Approach the Cloud with Confidence: AWS Media Services from the Customer’s Point of View

With the launch of AWS Media Services, powered by AWS Elemental software, our commitment to providing the best video processing solutions remains the same as it has always been: Wherever you deploy video infrastructure, we will meet you there.

In other words, we won’t push you off premises and into the cloud unprepared. We will help you make the next step with confidence, whether you are researching the best ways to tiptoe in or are preparing to make the jump.

Knowledge is the key to either approach. Read on to learn about the needs and problems each media service addresses, and the technology improvements and business benefits you can expect.

AWS Elemental MediaConvert

The need: File-based transcoding to change the size, format, or device compatibility of offline content.

The problem: Traditionally handled using on-premises hardware, so capacity planning is a persistent challenge. Customers may underutilize resources, or lack enough resources to meet peak demand.

How you benefit from this solution: Easily transcode video-on-demand content and preserve broadcast-grade features and quality for broadcast and multiscreen delivery, scaling in line with demand, with pay-as-you-go pricing and tight integration with other AWS services.

AWS Elemental MediaLive

The need: Encoding to compress live video, turning high-quality inputs into adaptive bitrate outputs for real-time, uninterrupted streaming.

The problem: Processing must happen in real-time and produce one second of video, every second, without fail. Before, this performance, and the reliability and features required for live programming, were only achievable with dedicated appliances.

How you benefit from this solution: Encode high-quality, event-based, or 24/7 live video streams for broadcast television or multiscreen devices without dedicated infrastructure. Stand up live channels in minutes, not months.

AWS Elemental MediaPackage

The need: Just-in-time packaging to convert video content from a single input into multiple outputs for delivery to devices such as tablets, smartphones, connected TVs, and set-top boxes.

The problem: Existing origin, packaging, and digital rights management solutions require complex, expensive integrations that slow time to market and yield rigid workflows that cannot scale with demand.

How you benefit from this solution: Just-in-time packaging with broad DRM support reduces cost and complexity, and better protects streaming content without the risk of under or over-provisioning infrastructure.

AWS Elemental MediaStore

The need: Media-optimized storage to handle requests for live and on-demand video and distribute content for delivery to playback devices.

The problem: Performance is critical, and real-time video distribution generates a huge volume of read and write storage requests, with multiple requesters potentially accessing the same content simultaneously.

How you benefit from this solution: This easy-to-use and cost-effective service is optimized for both fast, low-latency writes, and performance for high volumes of requests. Results: Decreased risk of video buffering and improved end-to-end performance across the workflow.

AWS Elemental MediaTailor

The need: Over-the-top video delivery that allows for a more personalized viewing experience, including tailoring advertising to the individual in a way that increases engagement and boosts monetization.

The problem: Today, video advertising is typically inserted within the client on a playback device. This client-side approach struggles to match the quality of ads with that of primary content, and is vulnerable to ad-blocking software.

How you benefit from this solution: Ad insertion easily scales to meet the demands of variable viewership, including personalizing and delivering content in response to millions of simultaneous user requests. Advertising and content are delivered as a continuous stream, which avoids ad blocking and provides a better viewing experience.

Need more specifics? We can help. To ask a question, arrange a consult, or start a trial or a pilot, please contact us.