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Video Processing Perspectives

2018 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
2018 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
Submitted by James on April 5, 2018

Are you planning to attend the NAB Show in Las Vegas next week? We hope you’ll join one of our daily Tech Talks, “Increase the Value of Video with Deep Learning & Media Services,” from 5:00 to 6:00pm Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in AWS booth #SU2202. Video and machine learning solutions experts will help participants learn how to:

  • Generate metadata from your media and make videos searchable by objects, people, activities, dialogue and more using Amazon Machine Learning tools;
  • Make your videos more valuable and enable a wide range of use cases, including searching and indexing your video library;
  • Use AWS Elemental MediaConvert to create video highlight clips from keywords, automatically or on demand, for content like sports videos and from sources such as nature cameras or security feeds;
  • Use Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translate with AWS Media Services to produce captions and translations that expand audience reach for corporate videos, marketing and sales material, and training videos.

AWS Elemental Tech Talks fill up every year, so  if you’d like to attend, please reserve your seat right away at https://www.elemental.com/events/aws-tech-talks-nab-2018.

In addition to our Tech Talks, we’ll share information and insights on intelligent video workflows throughout the show in booth SU2202 and as part of the following sessions:

  • April 10, 9-9:25am: Usman Shakeel, Worldwide Technology Lead, Media & Entertainment at AWS, will present 'The Evolution of Content Production Aided by Machine Learning' as part of a half day looking at machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies. The session will take place in the North Hall of the LVCC. Learn more
  • April 11, 9-10am: Ben Masek, Worldwide Business Development Lead, Media & Entertainment at AWS, will discuss cloud and media workflows as a guest panelist on NAB Show LIVE, the official live streaming broadcast of NAB Show. Learn more
  • April 11, 11am: Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall Main Stage: Gain insights into the future of content creation during a three-act, action-packed production involving NASA's Curiosity and Opportunity rovers on the surface of Mars. This session, titled 'Race on the Red Planet: Chasing our Creative Future with Curiosity and Opportunity', will give attendees and viewers online an exclusive, front-row seat for demonstrations and discussions of the latest cloud-based media workflows and advanced machine learning technologies. The keynote will stream live at https://live.awsevents.com/.

We hope to see you at NAB!


Submitted by James on March 5, 2018

Every year between February and March, tens of thousands fill the streets of Lucerne, Switzerland with music, costumes, and confetti as Carnival, known locally as Fasnacht, brings together citizens and tourists in colorful celebration before the Christian fasting season of Lent. For Central Switzerland television network Tele 1, the tradition of Carnival draws a different sort of crowd as local viewers flock to its broadcast and streaming content to keep up with the six-day, around-the-clock festival.

In 2014, Tele 1 brought AWS Elemental Live into its workflow to process a single channel from its broadcast playout for live streaming on its website, www.tele1.ch. That workload soon expanded to five channels processed through a single system as the broadcaster added support for live events and higher-resolution live streams, up to full HD 1920 x 1080.

AWS Elemental was selected following a comprehensive evaluation of live video processing solutions. “We compared AWS Elemental Live to other options and what we found were systems that didn’t have feature parity, didn’t support as many channels, and weren’t as competitive on cost,” said Marc Scherrer, head of technology and production for Tele 1. “AWS Elemental was the clear choice.” Sales and deployment support came from Switzerland’s VCS Productions, a video-focused systems integrator serving Western Europe.

Upgrading their live streaming video infrastructure with AWS Elemental yielded a number of benefits for Tele 1, and in late 2017, the broadcaster expanded its AWS Elemental Live footprint to support a growing portfolio of live streaming content.

“With AWS Elemental, our video quality stays consistently excellent, no matter how many viewers are hitting the live streams” said Scherrer. “And, hands-on consulting from a local resource like VCS Productions is an important added benefit as we plan for growth. Most of all, the dependability of the AWS Elemental solutions means a great deal because we don’t carry a dedicated staff to maintain our live streaming technology. AWS Elemental Live has been unstoppable: in fact, we haven’t had to restart our first system since we deployed it in 2014!”

The quality and dependability of Tele 1’s live streams are never tested more than during Carnival. In fact, this year’s Carnival week attracted more than 40,000 viewers and more than 160,000 video starts.

Fasnacht is an extravaganza of sound and visuals. We cover the city with live cameras to capture every event and every angle for our viewers and we expect our video quality to measure up,” added Scherrer. “Beyond that, this event is a cherished cultural touchstone. We’d be letting our audiences down if we missed even a minute of video. With AWS Elemental, we’re confident we can deliver—during Carnival and throughout the year.”

Submitted by James on February 13, 2018

Creating an end-to-end solution for media processing and delivery in the cloud takes a lot of application expertise and a host of complementary tools. That’s why, when we launched AWS Media Services in November 2017, we didn’t do it alone. To offer customers the kind of choice, functionality, and flexibility they expect from next-generation video infrastructure, members of the AWS Elemental Technology Partner Program have worked diligently to complete API integration and interoperability with AWS Media Services that customers can deploy with confidence as part of their video workflows.

AWS Elemental technology partners span the ecosystem of software solutions built to support cloud-based video workflows. These Independent Software Vendor (ISV) companies include industry leaders in advertising technology, security and compliance, video quality control (QC), networking, media logistics, asset management, and more. Here’s what a few of these vendors have delivered to customers in recent weeks:

  • For digital rights management (DRM), Verimatrix recently finalized API integration between its MultiRights OTT multi-DRM solution and AWS Elemental MediaConvert and AWS Elemental MediaPackage.
  • Also supporting DRM: castLabs announced API integration between its DRMtoday licensing service and AWS Elemental MediaConvert and AWS Elemental MediaPackage. castLabs has also made DRMtoday for AWS Media Services available from the AWS Marketplace on a subscription basis.
  • In ad tech, SpotX has confirmed the interoperability of their cloud-based ad serving platform with AWS Elemental MediaTailor to power server-side ad insertion.
  • For video QC, Interra Systems’ end-to-end QC and monitoring solutions BATON QC and ORION-OTT are now interoperable with AWS Elemental MediaConvert, AWS Elemental MediaLive, and AWS Elemental MediaPackage.
  • Also supporting video QC, Venera Technologies announced interoperability with its Quasar cloud-based video QC solution and AWS Elemental MediaConvert.
  • Tektronix also announced interoperable solutions for video QC: Sentry and Aurora offer cloud-based, automated quality video assurance and comprehensive QC, quality of service, quality of experience, and picture quality measurements.

Our technology partners have a simple goal: to offer best-of-breed software solutions to deliver complete, professional cloud-based media workflows. Together, these partner solutions form a robust ecosystem that makes the most of the seamless API integration and interoperability afforded by AWS Media Services. That can help you streamline deployment, simplify workflows, and accelerate time-to-market for your content.

These solutions are just the beginning. Look for more announcements as we continue to work with our community of AWS Elemental technology partners to help you unlock the full potential of the cloud and focus on what really matters: transforming your ideas into compelling content that captivates your viewers. For more information on our technology partners and their media solutions, visit https://www.elemental.com/about-us/partners.