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Video Processing Perspectives

2016 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
2016 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
Submitted by Heidi on April 26, 2016

On Tuesday April 26, European soccer fans watched the UEFA Champions League semi-final match between Manchester City and Real Madrid streamed live in 4K on the BT Sport Ultra HD channel. This premium content is the culmination of the company’s successful bid in July 2015 for exclusive rights to deliver UEFA Champions league and Europa League soccer coverage to audiences across the UK. It also exemplifies how BT is bringing UHD to millions of viewers with the support of Elemental.

The company’s BT Sport portfolio has five channels including BT Sport Ultra HD, the first live sports 4K UHD channel in the UK and Europe. These channels all rely on Elemental Live software to deliver high profile sports content in addition to the UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches, including Barclay’s Premier League, Bundesliga, Rugby Union, MotoGP and the FA Cup. These sports channels are available to viewers through pay TV providers, cable and satellite operators, and BT IPTV. The BT Sport app, launched in August 2013, is one of the primary ways that 3.3 million households access this content. Overall, BT Sport viewership has increased 15 percent year over year, and more than half of the FA Premier League matches reached over one million viewers.

Beyond sports, BT offers its BT TV Everywhere Service to BT IPTV subscribers. Elemental live encoding, video management and video delivery power over 50 channels on this TV Everywhere service, which allows viewers to stream and watch live and on-demand content on a full range of devices and via the internet. 

Submitted by Alicia on April 14, 2016

The Elemental team always looks forward to the NAB Show – the variety of events, interaction with customers, partners and colleagues, and the chance to showcase our video processing and delivery solutions on the show floor. This year, we are especially excited to present technology that enables enhanced video offerings and enriched viewing experiences. Here’s a brief preview of what to expect in Elemental booth SU2724 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 18-21:

Live Broadcasting from the Cloud

Elemental video solutions are deployable on-premises and in the cloud. During the show, Elemental will demonstrate broadcast-grade video processing and delivery hosted on cloud-based infrastructure for multi-channel linear TV services. Elemental solutions running in the cloud drive revenue-building opportunities with support for content monetization including server-side ad insertion, just-in-time packing and DRM, and live-to-VOD and other time-shifted TV services, while providing both the scalability and resiliency on which video providers depend.

High-Dynamic Range (HDR)

Elemental will showcase three different implementations of high dynamic range video to illustrate improved color space, deeper luminance and increased bit depth as compared to standard definition range video. Elemental-sourced 4K content features explorations in an ice cave, action in a glass blowing studio and a fire dancer performing in multiple settings. This content highlights how HDR closely approximates what is visible to the human eye in the natural world. Elemental is sharing its HDR content with technology partners at NAB – look for these ice, glass and fire video clips encoded by Elemental around the show floor.

Live Channel Playout

Elemental will unveil its live channel playout solution at the show, a software-based approach to linear 24/7 UHD broadcast channel creation featuring dynamic content control and motion graphic overlay. Dynamic content control enables seamless and scheduled source switching between live (IP or SDI) and file-based video inputs, regardless of resolution or frame rate. Elemental Live software can overlay static images and full frame rate motion graphics on video outputs to create static channel logos and animated overlays for promotional advertisements, squeeze back effects, news alerts or sports tickers to enhance the broadcast experience.

SDI over IP

Elemental will showcase software that provides media and entertainment companies with the ability to transport SDI streams over IP. The SMPTE 2022-6 standard specifies how to transport high bitrate signals not encapsulated in MPEG-2 transport streams over IP. In addition, Elemental provides support for SMPTE 2022-5 FEC (forward error correction) for lost packet recovery. Elemental software for live video processing can decode 3G/HD/SD uncompressed SDI over IP and configure and control network-sourced SDI inputs just as other inputs are handled today, with IP and SDI ingest monitoring and standard alerts.

If you plan to attend the NAB Show in Las Vegas, consider scheduling a meeting with Elemental in booth SU2724 to get a first-hand look at the advancements to our software-defined video solutions. 

Submitted by Alyssa on April 12, 2016

The 4K 4Charity Fun Run isn’t your average trade show event. In fact, 4K 4Charity offers a welcome escape from the rigorous trade show routine by providing an opportunity to experience the NAB Show in a whole new way.

In addition to the personal benefits that come with exercise and networking, your participation will also impact local charity, The Shade Tree, and global relief organization, Mercy Corps. All proceeds from 4K 4Charity registration fees will be donated directly to these beneficiaries.

With less than a week left to register, get a feel for the event and enjoy highlights from the 4K 4Charity Fun Run at the 2015 NAB Show in this video. Don’t just take my word for it - see what past 4K 4Charity participants from Elemental had to say about their experience at last year’s event!

"I had an amazing experience at last year's 4K 4Charity Fun Run at NAB.  Helping local and international charities, getting some much-needed exercise and watching an amazing sunrise over the Las Vegas desert made it the most memorable NAB ever!” - Jesse R.

"If you are looking to rejuvenate in the middle of the trade show grind, the 4K 4Charity Fun Run is a great way to gain a new perspective on your industry colleagues while raising money for a great cause." - Keith W.

The 4K 4Charity Fun Run is amazing! Its a very positive experience, and whether running or walking, everyone has a smile on their face. The run is a nice excuse to get out and do something different at a trade show for a change.” - Tom G.

“What I love most about 4K 4Charity is that it injects a dose of health into NAB week, which is full of long days, rich dinners and usually an alcoholic beverage or two. Having a scheduled activity that involves exercise is revitalizing and enhances the overall trade show experience.” - Eli B.

"Amidst the marathon that is NAB Show, the 4K 4Charity is an incredible event that miraculously manages to energize and unite our industry like nothing else!" - Paula T.

Register for the 4K 4Charity Fun Run before time runs out, and do something good for yourself and for those in need. Whether you run or walk, donate or volunteer, you’ll be glad you participated in the 4K 4Charity Fun Run at the 2016 NAB Show. Register today!