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2015 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
2015 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
Submitted by Alicia on January 12, 2015

On the day of the inaugural College Football Championship featuring the Pac-12 Oregon Ducks, Pac-12 Networks announced that Duck-fan-filled Elemental is supporting the live streaming for its TV Everywhere application and YouTube International subscription service. Software-defined solutions from Elemental allow Pac-12 Networks to “win the day” on a daily basis, managing hundreds of events, minimizing costs and delivering live simulcast streaming to Marcus Mariota-crazed fans around the world.

Pac-12 Networks makes a conscious effort to provide content to fans across all media platforms. The network offers 7 linear television channels (1 national, 6 regional), the Pac-12 Now TV Everywhere app and the YouTube International platform which streams live video to fans in 34 counties outside of the U.S. In addition, Pac12.com displays coverage and highlights surrounding all collegiate sports within the conference. Pac-12 Networks maintains integration with its traditional broadcast systems and the enhanced digital platform manages all assets and offers the agility to meet consumer demands.

During his presentation at Streaming Media West, Mark Kramer, Head of Digital Technology for Pac-12 Networks, described how the organization is focused on building towards the future: “There are things that we don’t know about today, that consumers will expect tomorrow.” He emphasized that by making sound technology decisions, like choosing Elemental, and creating a deeply integrated platform, Pac-12 can connect fans around the world with desired content, offer high-quality video and provide a spectacular viewing experience on an ongoing basis.

Known as the Conference of Champions, the Pac-12 demonstrates great success both on and off the field. The University of Oregon represented the Pac-12 Conference at the Rose Bowl on New Years’ Day, which captivated 28.1 million viewers - the largest audience for such an event in cable television history! The University of Oregon and Elemental have many things in common: both are Oregon-based, share a beautiful green logo and are vying to become undisputed champions in their respective fields. So tonight, when the Ducks take on Ohio State, Elemental will cheer them on as they try to capture their first national title! GO DUCKS!